A Spiritual Principle That Absolutely Works

The Way Ministry taught me how to claim God’s prosperity through the principle of tithing. I remember vividly a time when I put this principle to the test. After college I decided to go to law school. Law school was a very expensive endeavor, and I did not want to go into debt. I knew that I wanted to help people as an attorney, and graduating law school debt-free would give me the freedom to take any job and go anywhere to best help others.

So, I took a year and worked at a law firm to save money, I made changes to my spending habits and living expenses, I applied for every scholarship I could find, and I faithfully tithed. By the time I entered law school, I did not have all of my tuition together. But, I continued to apply for scholarships, and I trusted that God would come through with the rest of what I needed.

At the end of my first year of school, I remember sitting on my bed, looking at the invoice for the next semester’s tuition fees. I did not have the money. I had less than a month to come up with the money, or I would need to withdraw from law school. I knew that it was not God’s will for me to withdraw from school, because He had opened so many doors for me to get as far as I had. As I sat on my bed, I told God that I believed in Him. I was doing everything that I knew to do to raise the money; the rest was going to come from Him. In that moment, I decided to increase my abundant sharing. I had been taught in this ministry that tithing and abundant sharing is our recognition that God is the Source of our supply. It is our acknowledgement that He is our sufficiency. From a five-senses point of view, it seemed counterintuitive to part with the very thing that I was asking God to supply me with—money. But, spiritual verities do not always line up with senses knowledge.

Within a few weeks, a family member who did not know of my financial situation told me that it was recently on his heart to help me with my law school tuition. He asked me how much I needed to finish my education. I was embarrassed to tell him the full amount, because it was such a large sum. But, I told him anyway. He paused and thought for a few seconds and then he said, “I think I can do that.” And just like that, I went from having no options to having my need completely met. God worked in another person to bring to pass my prosperity.

I am often amazed by the abundance that I have experienced in my life because I have faithfully applied the principle of tithing. While it may not be logical by the five senses, it is a spiritual principle that absolutely works. It is the accurate knowledge of spiritual principles that causes a man or woman to claim the more than abundant life. And I am thankful that this ministry continues to teach that it is the Word, the Word, and nothing but the Word!