Service to God and His People Is So Satisfying

My parents did a wonderful job bringing me up. They raised me as a Christian in a denomination as they had been. They taught me to work hard and they taught me how to be detail minded, honest, fair, and good to all, with a willingness to take care of others. I will be ever grateful for that. However, as a teenager, I began to sense some uncertainty in my faith and in who I was as a Christian. I began to question the denomination I was a part of. I was at a crossroads, wanted answers to life, and began to search for ways to curb my hunger and to put into practice the Biblical principles that my parents taught me. I had a strong desire to make a difference in life, but did not know where to start. What I was craving was an avenue to serve in and to serve with purpose and meaning. Little did I know that my lifelong dream would be serving God for a lifetime! After I completed college, the search for answers continued until one day someone handed me a small green enrollment card for The Way Ministry’s Foundational Class. Of the many one-liners about the class teachings printed on the front side, two that stood out for me were “Makes life meaningful” and “Disciplines the mind by believing.” The back side of the card was an agreement that read, “I am enrolling in this class because I am searching for an accurate knowledge of the Word of God and desire to increase the power of God in my life.” To say the least, I was searching, and I indeed had a desire to increase the power of God in my life!

Well, over thirty-five years later, I can confidently and thankfully say, “The rest is history!” Like for so many, the class was life changing. As I was taught and began applying truths from the Bible, my life began to have meaning. I learned how to develop a personal relationship with God, and I learned how to pray. As I proved the Word in my life, I started sharing it with others. I learned that I was important to God. With God as my sufficiency, I started a new life filled with believing opportunities at every turn! I grew in my confidence that He is not slack in what He promises and that His power is available to me. Major deliverance followed as I decided to put myself in a position to grow. I began to give back by serving, and that was so instrumental to making my life meaningful. As my priorities changed, I found I had more time to give. Things that once were so important to me now paled in significance compared to living a life filled with God’s Word and making it available to others.

Shortly after completing the ministry’s Advanced Class, the door opened wide for me to serve as a fellowship coordinator. A year later, I went out Word Over the World (WOW) Ambassador, where I was assigned to coordinate our family. What an awesome responsibility that was! Helping people and finding the hungry hearted was so fulfilling, and we met our goal of running a Foundational Class that year! And as if God had not blessed me big enough, I was asked to manifest on the main stage at the opening night of the Rock of Ages, when the WOW Ambassadors were pinned for their year of service. (As a side note, my parents were in attendance, and they got to hear the worship manifestations for the first time! When I was reunited with them later that evening, the first thing my mom asked was, “Where did you learn how to do that?” Oh, what a witness that was!) After my WOW year, I came on Staff at The Way International Headquarters, and that same year I met my wife. A year later, I entered The Way Corps program, where I received training to be a Christian minister. Since graduating into The Way Corps, I have served on Staff. Needless to say, God has blessed my life abundantly!

As a Christian minister for almost twenty-five years, life is still becoming more meaningful, and I continue to see great benefit as I discipline my mind by believing! Service to God and His people is so satisfying, and opportunities personalized for my season of life continue to open. As I put God first, He continues to prosper me physically, mentally, and spiritually. I look forward, with great enthusiasm and thankfulness to The Way Ministry, to what God has in store for me next!