On the Path to Learn

My upbringing was very “mid-America.” My parents were good, hardworking people with what I thought were good manners and good personal habits and a code of ethics I could learn from.

I was the oldest of four siblings—three girls and one boy. My parents set strict standards for me that I was to ensure my brother and sisters held at the time.

I was given many responsibilities in our household. I am grateful to my parents for the responsibilities; however, I didn’t think that way at the time.

My mother loved, believed, and had a strong faith in God. I kneeled many, many nights with her as she said her rosary prayers (we were raised Roman Catholic). Through the years it was her personal faithfulness to her knowledge of God that I admired and respected. I simply had many more questions than she had answers for, and my questions made her upset with me.

In time I became an adult, had a full-time job, and soon was married and expecting my first child. It was having that first child that stepped up my questions about God, because I did not know much about Him. You prayed, you kept the faith, didn’t curse, steal, or talk back to your parents, or you would go to hell. I realized I did not know how to raise a child teaching only that about God. There must be more to know about the God Who created all life.

I started to read the Bible that someone gave me. Then I began asking questions. First, I asked at my home church. “Does God hear my prayers? Can I pray better? Was my now deceased mother in heaven?” Most answers I received did not comfort me, and some answers scared me and made me cry.

I started to go to other churches, other denominations, even a few tent revivals far from home. I saw so-called healings and adults and children slain in the spirit. I’d return home, eyes wide open all night long, talking to God. I thought, “God if this is where You want me, please let me know in a clear message to continue or stay away.”

Very shortly after that eye-opening weekend, I was invited to a Way Ministry home Bible fellowship. I could have walked to this fellowship from my house, and yet I was just now hearing about it. Seek and you shall find. God is never late. I had heard that from my mom.

I went to that fellowship only to find out the usual coordinator was at the hospital with his wife having their third child. There was an assistant coordinator leading the Bible study that night. It didn’t matter to me. I only knew the person that invited me.

The teaching was very interesting. I remember it in part still today. We ended the fellowship and refreshments were served. I remained quiet until the coordinator asked me if I enjoyed the teaching. “Yes,” I answered, “very much.”

He asked me if I had any questions about anything. “Yes, I do,” I replied. I had a question about the teaching, like why was Jesus talking to the lawyers? I was confused about that part.

The coordinator answered me with the most unexpected reply that I had not ever heard from any minister. “Let us go to the Bible and check the record that was taught.” That response grabbed my attention. He wasn’t giving me an opinion. We were going back to the Bible.

I told him how long I had had many questions and that going to the Scriptures had never been an answer. Then he turned to II Timothy 2:15, “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” My reply was, “Study. I can do that!”

Of course, I continued to go to the fellowship meetings, even helping with babysitting as the months passed. Within the first year, the Foundational Class was made available in my coordinator’s home. It was a video of the Founder of The Way Ministry, Dr. Victor Paul Wierwille, teaching the entire class. That particular class ended in February. I was on the right path, I thought.

In April I was diagnosed with breast cancer and needed a radical mastectomy. I was not anxious, worried, or fearful in the slightest degree. I had my The Bible Tells Me So and my class syllabus. God had made me fully equipped to face my battle.

I shared my beliefs with doctors, nurses, family, and friends. My doctor told me I was very, very lucky. I replied that luck had nothing to do with this; it was my God Who made me whole again.

This is my life story that set my feet firmly on the path to learn about my heavenly Father. I’m grateful The Way Ministry is a research, teaching, and fellowship ministry that rightly divides God’s Word so we can be sure that we know the truth.

He is real. He is faithful. He is a very present help in time of trouble.