Experiencing God’s Abundance and Power

My Love for Reading God’s Word Grew

Reading was never high on my list because of the complexity of words used. I needed a dictionary for every paragraph I read. It was so time-consuming that it took all the joy out of reading for me.

However, after sitting through a series of classes offered by this ministry, my love for reading grew enormously. I could not believe how much I loved reading and learning about God’s Word. It truly made life more meaningful; I finally had answers.

Being taught how to read and understand the Bible gave me a better comprehension of why things happen the way they do. Things became much clearer to me. Every topic in the Word is well written and well explained, and I could unveil it as I read. There is not one question that I can’t find an answer to as I read God’s Word.

The Way Ministry has made the true, living God known in my life. It has given me a deeper appreciation for God and His love for the Body of believers, and it all began with teaching me how to love to read God’s Word.

God’s Abundant Supply

God has certainly blessed us over our years of standing with The Way International. One incident that comes to mind happened when we had attended a ministry event where we received an abundance of God’s Word. Way Productions did a skit on Hannah at this event also (I Samuel 1—2).

Prior to attending this event, as a couple we had gone through over three years of infertility work. The result of the work was not a pregnancy. We decided to step back from that goal for a couple of years and then revisit it.

As usual we were very blessed at the event, and the Word hit the sweet spot. It had been a couple of years since we had been in a doctor’s office. Within months of this event, we had a family started—without any infertility work. The doctor that we had witnessed to and worked with a few years prior actually delivered the baby.

It has been exciting over the years to receive the Word in so many ways in this ministry. The classes, Sunday Teaching Services, The Way Magazine, and the website all constantly hit the sweet spot and keep us functioning in the Body of Christ.

The God Who Gave Me Back My Life

I am thankful for what God has done for me via the Word of God that I have learned in this life-giving ministry of The Way International. Let me start by saying that I most likely would not be alive today had it not been for the working of God’s mighty power that was ministered to me thirty-nine years ago. I became very ill and was in a coma at the time—with little hope of survival—until a Way believer ministered God’s healing to me. Within twenty-four hours I was out of my coma, delivered from the grip of the adversary, and on the road to recovery.

It was because of this deliverance that I wanted to know more about this God that loved me so much that He gave me my life back. I started to attend household fellowships and eventually took our ministry’s class series on The Way of Abundance and Power. It has been a blessed journey as I’ve continued to learn and manifest God’s power in my life and have helped to bring others to God’s family. My life today is centered around God’s will and service to His people. I am reminded daily of His power and love as I go to Him in prayer and thankfulness for who I am in Christ and for the power of His spirit that I have to live with and reach out to His people with.

I am thankful for this ministry—for men and women who answered God’s call and made His Word available to me and helped me to build a lasting relationship with the God Who gave me back my life.