I Longed for Peace and Harmony

When I first heard the rightly divided Word of God taught in a Way Ministry fellowship, many of my lifetime questions finally started to get answered. The eyes of my understanding began to be enlightened, and my life and everything around me became brighter and full of vivid color, even to this very day!

For years I longed for peace in my life. In The Way Ministry I learned about the peace that God gave me in His Word and through His Son, Jesus Christ. That peace now rules in my heart every day. I also longed for harmony. In The Way Ministry I found the harmony and unity I was looking for. I now enjoy fellowship with like-minded believers that have the same spiritual outlook on life that I have from God’s Word!

Psalms 133:1:
Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!

Now I have a true spiritual connection with my heavenly Father. I literally believe what His Word says, and I see the godly outcome each time I believe. Yes, God is always there for us—closer than we realize—when we seek Him first in our lives. He will help us get the answers we need in life and bring to pass our hearts’ desires!