Victorious in Uncertain Circumstances

After I took my first Foundational Class in 2012, I was blessed to have a clearer view of the powerful Word of God. At twelve years old I was having a large transition in my life, going from attending public school to being homeschooled. It was difficult to not be worried during such a big change in my life, but with the information I learned from the class, I knew I could be more than a conqueror.

I remember being in the class and learning the Biblical record of Job. It was the first time I had ever learned of Job’s struggles. Learning about his life and how he was able to still hold onto his fellowship with God—even with uncertain circumstances—made me feel victorious! We have the ability to be more than conquerors in any situation because God’s love is strong for all. After this class, homeschooling was a worry-free, fun experience, and I am forever blessed to have taken this class The Way Ministry provided.