God Will Make a Way

I was nineteen years old, and I found myself with one very pressing need in my life. Worry and fear had taken control, causing me to lose jobs, to lose friends, and even a fiancé. I knew I needed answers. I remember asking God to literally show me the way out. Not long after, I was sitting in the home of four wonderful people and listening to God’s Word. They pulled out a Foundational Class registration card and handed it to me. One line jumped off that card, which was “Overcomes worry and fear.”

One truth in the ministry’s Foundational Class that brought me deliverance was the teaching on the law of believing. No one had ever taught me that I had the ability to control my thinking—that was a revolutionary concept to me. I learned that God’s Word contains promises that I can claim—over nine hundred of them. I was also introduced to a powerful book—The Bible Tells Me So. The first five chapters of this book showed me how I could take control of my thinking and believe the positive truths of God’s Word. I read this book over and over. One particular chapter called “The Synchronized Life” has a scripture that continues to live for me today, which is Psalms 18:33: “He maketh my feet like hinds’ feet, and setteth me upon my high places.” The Word says that God makes my feet like hinds’ feet, meaning, He makes it so that I may learn to walk by the Word so that my hind feet—my thoughts and actions—track with my front feet (representing the Word). So, where the Word tells me to set my feet, or my thoughts, that is where I place them. I learned that I could trust God’s direction because He is all-knowing.

Most of my worry at that time in my life stemmed from fear of the future or the unknown. But now I knew that I had a personal guide in life that would go ahead of me on the trail and make my way perfect.

In 2010, I again experienced this truth. My family and I were living in Canada in a location that we had just moved to only eight months previously, and we received a phone call asking if we would consider moving to another city because there was a great need for leadership there. My response was, “Can I take a few days and get back to you?” This would be a big, sudden move. I knew that I would need to find work in the new city. Most of the time in a move like this, people would get housing, a new job, and a school for their kids beforehand. But one thing that I had learned by this point is that if something is God’s will, then He will make a way, and all I need to do is trust Him and follow Him up the proverbial mountain because He will go ahead of me.

I remember hearing from all sorts of people, “There are no jobs there!” “You better prepare to submit thousands of resumes!” “Don’t you know that all the good jobs are leaving?” But I had no worry over the future because I knew I just needed to make my thoughts track with God’s perfect promises. Despite all the negative voices, I only had to submit one resume to a company that did not exist until we moved to our new city. I was the first applicant and first hire. Eight years later I am a director on the board of this company and vice president of Business Development.

The Word of God I learned in The Way Ministry continues to work for me and inspires me to reach new heights. As one version of the Bible reads in II Samuel 22:33 and 34:

God is my strong fortress. He clears the path I need to take.
He makes my feet as steady as those of a deer. Even on steep mountains he keeps me from falling.