I Know I Am Born Again

Before taking the Foundational Class, my wife and I attended a church where the minister preached the love of God and eternal life. When he retired, a new minister came to our church; and he taught you could get saved, but if you sinned after you got saved, you could get unsaved, lose your eternal life, and have to get saved again.

We were invited to go hear Dr. Wierwille and to take his Foundational Class. My wife and I decided to take Dr. Wierwille’s class, as did the other three people that went with us to hear him speak. At that time, I wondered if I was born again or not. Sometimes I thought I was, and other times I doubted that I was. I just did not know.

During the last night of the class when Dr. Wierwille was leading us into speaking in tongues, it was like the adversary was sitting on my shoulder telling me I could not speak in tongues and that I was not even born again. In my mind, I said to the Devil, “Get out!” Then Dr. Wierwille said to all of us, “Speak in tongues!” I was the first to do so. I spoke in tongues. That was almost sixty-two years ago, and I have never doubted again that I am born again of God’s spirit. I know I am.

God has blessed me abundantly as I’ve believed His Word, and I am thankful for the ministry where my wife and I learned God’s Word and will for our lives. I will continue to stay faithful to God and His Word, and to The Way Ministry.