I Decided to Believe and Act

A Region meeting in May of 2014 inspired me to get committed about taking the 2015 Advanced Class. I had been proving the limitlessness of God in other categories of my life, but I wasn’t sure how God would erase over $40,000 of debt in less than a year so I could attend the class. I began by finding out what God’s Word says about debt and why it was important to live debt-free. I met with a seasoned believer who was able to teach me and show me where those truths were in the Word, and I decided to believe and act on them.

My first step was to go through my budget, looking at my income and expenses and at exactly how much debt I had. I quickly realized that I would need to increase my income and decrease my expenses. I remembered the principle of giving equals receiving and increased my tithe. In Christians Should Be Prosperous it says, “…the tithe has never been improved upon except by increasing the proportion.” After reviewing my budget again with all the expenses reduced, I knew God would go to work to help my income increase.

I was at work on a Monday morning, and I was thanking God for all His blessings, including getting me through college with minimal debt and helping me find a fun job with good pay, good benefits, and good people to work with. The next thing I knew, I was marching into the president’s office and explaining to him why I needed to look for more work. I told him about the Advanced Class and that I needed more income to get out of debt, and that I would be looking for a part-time job soon. The president told me that I could take on some more responsibility at my current job and work more hours for more compensation. It was a very simple solution that I was peaceful with, and I knew it was from God. With all this, I was debt-free and registered for the Advanced Class all in God’s perfect timetable.