Delivered from the Snare of Debt!

I came to The Way Ministry twenty-four years ago. I arrived entangled in debt—I owed money to people here and there. I urgently needed deliverance, and God delivered me at the very first household fellowship I attended. He prepared and set everything just right for me to hear the Word I needed to be delivered from the snare of debt.

The teaching that day was about how to live within one’s means. The very first verse of scripture I learned was Proverbs 22:7: “The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.” It was just a perfect portrayal of my life then. I wondered if the teacher knew I was coming and had selected a topic just for me. But I soon learned that my Creator, God Almighty, is a loving, all-knowing God, Who had set the scene just for my deliverance. With more verses of scripture, the teacher exhorted us to take believing action for total deliverance from any form of debt. I immediately made up my mind. I made the decision to believe and act upon the truth I had been taught. I started attending fellowship on a regular basis and doing my best to put God’s Word into practice. And gradually, I got delivered not only from debt, but also from other bad habits I had developed over the years.

From then on, I have never been deceived about God. Every aspect of my personal, family, professional, and social life has been transformed by the greatness of God’s accurate and matchless Word. From a life full of fear and doubt, I became a bold and convinced believer, ready to act upon God’s Word to make His promises mine. Had it not been for God and His Word, I would have disappeared from the face of the earth a long time ago.

Thanks to the Word of God I have been taught in The Way Ministry, today I am able to overcome any pressure that comes my way, and I can do it without stress. What God has done for me with His Word, He is willing and able to do for anyone who believes.