Motivated to Manifest God’s Love

I’m deeply thankful for what God has done for me as I’ve applied the Word I’ve learned in The Way Ministry! God has given me my heart’s desires, and I’m particularly thankful for how He supplied me with a like-minded Christian wife. When I reflect on how our relationship came about, I see that it was a direct result of the love I learned how to live through this ministry.

When I was seventeen, I went to my first Advanced Class excited to learn deeper truths about God’s Word and to spend time with like-minded believers. During that time, I gained a confidence in God’s ability to take care of my every need. I went from being a worrywart to a calm and easygoing individual. Also, I gained a richer knowledge of God’s great love for me through teachings from the Scriptures and from seeing it living in the people in that class. What I learned and saw greatly motivated me to reach out to people in my hometown and to manifest God’s love to them. Before the Advanced Class, I didn’t particularly realize how important it is to actively love those around me. I quickly found that what I had learned would be life changing!

A few months later, I made a new friend in one of my classes in high school. My old self wouldn’t have looked for opportunities to be loving and kind toward my classmates, but I had changed! She later told me that she had wanted to become friends with me because of how I went out of my way to be kind to her and others. We began talking about God and soon had many heart-to-heart conversations about life and God’s Word. She didn’t know or believe very much of the Bible, but she was interested in learning more! She signed up for our ministry’s Foundational Class and took it that spring! It was basically my first time speaking God’s Word to someone, and the first time I needed to help undershepherd. Because of what I had learned and observed in The Way Ministry, I was able to lovingly help her understand the integrity of God’s Word, God’s goodness and love for her, and to support her manifesting power from on high for the first time! She was very excited about what she had learned: the Bible makes sense!

She received great things because of the accurate teachings of God’s Word and the love I and others serving in that Foundational Class showed her. With a like-minded love for God, our friendship became a relationship. A few years later, she too completed the advanced class on The Way of Abundance and Power! How awesome it was to see someone else learn the great things I had learned. We continued to serve together, and she assisted me in leading a fellowship at our university campus. After graduating from college, we got married! God certainly gave me a wonderful partner to help me be my best for Him. A few years later, we went Way Disciple as a married couple.

It still amazes me how God provided me with a wife who would love Him like I do and who would want to live a life of service for Him too. Our Father is too good! God surely blessed me with an amazing partner in life, and we are so thankful for the love we know how to live, which brings others into His loving family.