I Strongly Recommend the Foundational Class!

The Way Ministry has helped my family understand God and His will for our lives. We love the classes and being able to understand the Bible when we read it. I am thirteen years old and a graduate of the foundational class on The Way of Abundance and Power. My older sister and brother had already taken the class by the time I registered for it on my twelfth birthday! Even though that was only one year ago, the amount of growth that this year carries is tremendous. In the class, I learned about believing, understanding of the Word, and spiritual strength. Little did I know that this class would bring me so much knowledge and sweetness in the Word!

Through the class, I received a greater understanding of God’s heart, a better relationship with our heavenly Father, and knowledge of how to recognize our enemy (the adversary) and DEFEAT him in our day-to-day spiritual competition. I learned about the Grace Administration and our perfect prayer with God, the renewed mind, and the manifestations. These and so many more doorways to my spiritual well-being opened up to me as the class continued.

OK now, I could go on for hours about what I have learned through this experience, but what good is the knowledge if we can’t use it or share it? The boldness the Word teaches us can have a HUGE impact in our lives when we let God show us the way. We can be stronger physically, mentally, and spiritually—all from applying God’s precious Word. We can then share this with others!

My family took in a woman and her two boys to live with us while the dad was deployed overseas in the marines. My mom had met the woman at one of her fitness classes and had witnessed to her. I saw this mom transform as we taught her and her sons how to pray and trust God daily. The mom took the Foundational Class that we ran in our home and was on fire for God. She applied the Word in every category of her life; and as a result, her special-needs son had extraordinary healing and the best school scores he had ever had. Her boys were so insistent that we come downstairs EVERY night to read the Word and pray together!

I also had the privilege to take the class with my best friend from birth. We both have had some extraordinary results in our lives ever since the class. For instance, one day while I was visiting my grandfather in the hospital, I heard an announcement over the intercom: “CODE BLUE.” I did not know what to do. I looked at my mom and she whispered, “Someone has died, speak in tongues.” Well, thanks to the Foundational Class, I knew just how to speak in tongues. Since it was the only thing I could do, I did it with my all. Mom and I spoke in tongues for that patient to have life again. And guess what? HE DID! God made that possible by showing us how to take action even when we didn’t know what else to do. I’m so very thankful to have been instructed on how to manifest God’s power into the very world we live in!

I strongly recommend the Foundational Class for anyone looking to know God, claim His power, and experience overall better living. You can have all this when you rightly divide the Word of God and act on it!