Countless Blessings

My growth in the Word is due to two important factors:

1. My family:

I am very grateful to God for being born into a family of believing parents who taught me that the first thing to consider in life is the Word of God; they showed me the path of truth from which I will never depart.

2. My environment:

After being convinced of this truth, I used all the ways that were available that could help me to grow in the Word of God. The peaceful environment of the household fellowship meetings I attend every week allowed me to gain spiritual growth. I am always seeking to enjoy the countless blessings that God always pours on during fellowship. Since our lord has not yet returned, we must stand steadfast in this household enjoying these wonders that God continues to make available.

I am very convinced of this true Word. Therefore, let’s stand on the Word of God, enjoying this healthy food that produces remarkable growth in the lives of those who apply the Word.