Excited About Doing God’s Will

I Was Ready to Learn What God Says I Can Do

I didn’t have much experience or background going to church when I was growing up. When my dad came back into my life after we spent several years apart, he taught me the Word of God. He showed me from the Scriptures a lot of exciting things, things I never remembered hearing at church. The years my dad and I were apart, he started going to a Way Ministry fellowship. All the things he taught me when I first started learning the Word were from ministry books or classes. I learned Philippians 4:13: “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”

I can do what the Word of God says I can do! How exciting! What a turning point in my life. At that moment, when I was taught Philippians 4:13, I was ready to learn what God says I can do. That was thirty years ago, and I have learned so many things I can do. One of my favorite things I learned I can do is manifest the gift of holy spirit. Learning about all nine manifestations was amazing! I can operate all nine manifestations. I can pray perfectly!

I’m excited to say I am still learning more of the great things God says I can do.

She Was Brought Back to Life

After taking the Advanced Class in 1979, I was excited to go about doing God’s will, especially at my work. I am a registered nurse. At that time, I worked on a medical-surgical patient-care floor.

One day, a licensed practical nurse (LPN) and I were passing out lunch trays to all of our patients. We walked into a room and the little old lady in it appeared to be asleep. The LPN called her name. Then she touched her and took her pulse. None. No breathing. No sign of life.

I couldn’t recall if this lady was to be resuscitated if she coded. To verify that information, I would have to go quickly to the nurse’s station and look at the current doctor’s orders on this lady. This information was at the other end of the hallway.

But rather than doing that, while the LPN was watching, I turned and looked out the window. In that quick second, I was inspired to do this: I turned back to the patient, and without even touching her, I said, “Wake up,” in a firm tone.

She did. She was brought back to life. It was so natural, as if we all expected it. I had. We gave her the lunch ordered for her and went about our day’s work.

God is so good.