Fulfilling Marriages with God’s Word

I Have Not Been Disappointed in My Expectations

By consistently applying God’s Word that I have learned regarding marriage and family, God has provided the keys and tools needed to build a marriage relationship that is both fulfilling and enduring, one that before learning the Word, I had not thought was possible. I’m blessed to say that after more than thirty years, God has been faithful, and I have not been disappointed in my expectations.

Romans 10:11 [The Amplified Bible (1987)]:
The Scripture says, No man who believes in Him [who adheres to, relies on, and trusts in Him] will [ever] be put to shame or be disappointed.

Very Blessed and Standing Strong with Each Other

One huge blessing in my life is that my husband and I have celebrated over forty-five years of marriage!—quite an accomplishment in today’s society.

We took the Foundational Class, became fellowship coordinators, and got married within the first six months of coming to this ministry. We honeymooned in Michigan at a Way Family Camp. The theme of the camp was the Christian family, presented live by Dr. Victor Paul Wierwille. Talk about jumping into something with both feet!

One thing we learned at the camp was that in marriage, it’s not as important who’s right, but what’s right—God’s Word of course. We also learned that our marriage was a micro example and illustration of how God’s family is to work together. This info went straight to our hearts and lodged there. Through the years, we clung to this learning in times of intense changes and conflicts in our marriage. We had made a commitment to God to keep our marriage strong so we wouldn’t introduce weakness in our example to others of how God’s family lives together and stays together. I am so thankful to have had these principles to guide us. And now here we are—very blessed and standing strong with each other over forty-five years later in this fabulous family of God in The Way Ministry.