God Has Not Given Me the Spirit of Fear

The Word of God I have learned in The Way Ministry has provided me with keys and tools to gain release from my prisons. These keys and tools are as effective today as they were over forty years ago when I learned them in my first Foundational Class.

Overcoming fear and worry was the primary reason why I registered for the Foundational Class. There I learned that God did not want me to be full of doubt, worry, or fear. God wanted me to have power, love, and a sound mind (II Timothy 1:7). Further, I learned that believing is a law that I need to apply positively to overcome worry and fear. Believing required me to take positive action on the promises of God that applied to my situation.

I had great fear of sleeping in a moving vehicle. This fear entered my life when I was sixteen years old because of a near tragedy that occurred while traveling with my family. After that incident, I decided that if I slept in a moving vehicle something bad would happen. This decision grew into a huge fear that I carried inside for eight years until I learned the Word about believing positively to overcome fear.

Shortly after completing the Foundational Class, my wife and I were traveling to see a baseball game a few hours from our home. I was tired from a long day at work. My wife was driving, and we were talking. I shut my eyes and began drifting off to sleep. My eyes popped open and I thought, “I can’t go to sleep. Something bad will happen.” My next thought was, “Wait a minute. God has not given me the spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind.” I thanked God for being able to sleep in the car. I shut my eyes and continued to repeat II Timothy 1:7. I spoke in tongues and repeated the verse again. I continued this pattern. My eyes popped open again, and my wife told me that I had been asleep for about forty-five minutes. Tears rolled down my face as I realized that I had overcome my fear of sleeping in a moving vehicle. I was released from that prison.

I utilize the same keys and principles today whenever doubt, worry, or fear try to tempt me. I share with others how they can overcome doubt, worry, and fear and get release from the prisons in their lives also. The Word I have learned in The Way Ministry has taught me how God delivers me from the prisons of life into His joy and peace.