God Made a Way

I was new to this country and new to The Way Ministry, living in the eastern United States, and working twelve-hour shifts as a nurse in a cardiac unit. A new assistant manager was hired in my unit, and it seemed like her life’s mission was to make my life as miserable as possible. My assignment was always the toughest and any request for time off was never granted. She always made an excuse why she just couldn’t give me the time off. Usually, I brushed it off amid the taunts of my coworkers that I had angered her somehow. Truthfully, no one, least of all me, understood why she seemed to hate me so.

It was July and I put in a request for a week off in August to attend the Rock of Ages at Headquarters in Ohio. My household fellowship coordinator shared that we would leave town Saturday at about 6:00 a.m., carpooling together as a fellowship to arrive in Ohio later that evening, refreshed and ready for registration on Sunday. So, my request was submitted for Saturday through Sunday off. (We would return the following Saturday, so I figured I could rest on Sunday and return to work on Monday.) My request off was granted except for the first Sunday, the day after we were supposed to leave.

I made an appointment to meet with the assistant manager and explained that if we left for Ohio on Saturday there was no way I could make it back to work on Sunday. She refused to budge and insisted I work on Sunday. I shared that with my household fellowship coordinator and fellowship, and we prayed and just believed God to cover. We left on Saturday for the Rock of Ages and enjoyed a fabulous time in God’s Word.

When I returned, I was told that the hospital had made a new position for the assistant manager and that she had been transferred immediately to a different department where I would have no interaction with her. To this day, I have no idea what that new position was. GOD IS GOOD.