In Their Own Words: Way Ambassadors around the World

“One day a man who had a partial paralysis in half his body arrived at the place where fellowship is made. He had heard from the Way Ambassadors and asked for help in receiving healing. We immediately prayed for him, and at that moment his face, eyes, and hands regained their mobility.”

“Through the program, I learned to serve others with the simplicity of the Word. I was even able to minister the Word to my family from a distance.”

“A young woman who had been diagnosed with a severe deviation in the spine, and had been told by doctors that she needed an urgent operation, believed and received total healing. By understanding the Word, she declared, ‘I am healthy because of what Jesus Christ accomplished for me, and when I did the examinations, the doctors confirmed what I believed’.”

“As an ambassador, I understood that I was indeed the representative of the Lord Jesus Christ to do the works he did. I remember a young footballer who was about to go to training and who refuted any offer to hear the Word, but then was totally transformed when I directed our conversation to II Timothy 2:5 in the Bible, which defines some characteristics of an athlete. His attitude changed immediately, and he wanted to discover even more. In the end, I helped him get born again.”

“Today I am experiencing personal spiritual growth. The faces that radiated from listening to the spoken Word was one of my motivations. I gained confidence, and I was able to understand more of the impact of the Word of God on people’s lives. I learned to open conversations in order to witness the truth, and the results were the destruction of the adversary’s works in people’s lives.”

“It may seem like our culture is trending away from God, that moving the Word is impossible at times, but this program gave us great hope and vision for the Word moving in this generation. When we believe to help people with God’s Word, He will make it happen.”