Living the Word Is a Win-Win

One evening, my husband and I were having a heated discussion. We had been sharing our different opinions on a topic all evening, but we weren’t getting anywhere! We decided to go to the Living God’s Word as a Family class syllabus to get a little help. We read this quote: “To resolve conflicts or avoid them in the first place, both lovingly ask questions to find out what each wants and to find a solution which blends your interests. You want it to be a win-win situation where both are blessed.”

After we went to the Word in the syllabus, it was much easier to communicate our perspectives on the topic. We decided together to go to the Word first before sharing our opinions so that we could start off the discussion with what God had to say. Since then, we have revisited the truths we learned from the class in many of life’s situations, and we have always grown together. Now that we have a new baby, we are again going to the material to learn how to live God’s Word as a family. We are incredibly thankful to make the Word taught in this class our standard.