We Knew That We Were Doing Not Our Work, But the Work of God

Please enjoy this sharing from a person who served as a Way Ambassador in an International Outreach Country.

During the Way Ambassador program, I was able to see how hungry and thirsty this world is for the Word, and even more, how this world needs men and women to stand up and decide to go out and serve God’s Word in this great experience that is open to us.

During the nine months several facts allowed us to see the power of God in manifestation, especially two facts from the first days of the program. First fact, on the very first day, we had made an appointment in the afternoon to start reaching out. We witnessed an act that allowed us to see that God was with us and that He Himself had already reserved hearts willing to receive His Word. Indeed, as soon as we went out, we met a man who seemed lost. Then, approaching me, he asked if the path on which he was walking led to the main road. I said, “Yes! Going straight you will come across the main road.” Despite this, he seemed even more lost and preoccupied. It was at this moment that I was inspired to say to him the following sentence: “Or else you are looking for me? If so, you have arrived where you are supposed to be.” It was up to him to answer me, and he did with a smile, “Ha bon! What do you mean?” I replied, “Yes, we were going out to share the Word with the neighborhood, and we came across you who does not seem to know where to go. Can you give us a moment to share God’s Word?” He replied with a big smile and OK. He was the very first person we met, and do you know what? This gentleman was born again and attended our family fellowship the same evening. He was truly so blessed and edified by the Word, that he continued to come regularly to fellowship, and soon his wife began to follow him. This testimony was really the element that allowed us to carry out a campaign of victory, because we knew from that moment that we were doing not our work, but the work of God, and that He was present with us.

Another fact, also at the beginning of the program, is that we braved the weather. Indeed, the month of August, which corresponded to the month of launch of the program, is generally the rainiest in our city. One Saturday morning as we went out to witness door-to-door, we were confronted with this reality. We organized ourselves into teams of two with an umbrella for each team. We did not want to allow circumstances to stop us especially after the first testimony we had. However, the additional difficulty was that it rained intermittently. So we decided to make this a strength and we asked God this: “Father, whenever this rain resumes, let it find us sheltered, in the comfort of a home sharing Your Word.” God answered our prayer!

There are so many other facts that have strengthened us throughout this program. Testimonies of healing, family reconciliations, and the culmination was the official opening of a new home fellowship in our area. On a personal level, I am blessed in every way but even more so, I approach the spiritual competition with more confidence. God has done and continues to do great things in my life, and I know more than ever that He cares about the details of my life.