We Never Got Anxious and God Met Our Need

From very early in my walk with The Way Ministry, I have been taught not to get anxious about anything. I have always endeavored to apply this in my life and have seen the benefits over the years.

Recently, my wife and I made the decision to change our place of residence because we are now fully retired and do not need the amount of living space that we had, and of course we needed to reduce our expenses further. We drew up a wish list and sent it out to real estate agents. As we began to receive responses, we experienced a challenge with our vehicle that resulted in it being unusable for about ten days.

The day after the repaired vehicle was delivered to us, we had to go to the bank to transact some urgent business. After our business was concluded, we decided to drive through two nearby residential areas to look at an apartment building that a friend had recently moved into and to look for rental signs. As soon as we drove into the second area, we saw a house with a rental sign on it. We made a note and continued our drive through the area.

On our return home, I started looking again at the offers that had been made to us. I saw an offer for an apartment in the second area that we had visited, and I called the real estate agent. We arranged to call the real estate agent back in a few days. Still on our return home, we again compared our wish list to the actual apartment.

We made the decision to meet with the real estate agent and the landlord a few days later in order to discuss a couple of trade-offs. The landlord agreed to the trade-offs, and we made arrangements for a draft tenancy agreement to be forwarded to us. On receipt of the tenancy agreement, we requested one addition for our protection. The landlord agreed to the insertion, and we made arrangements to sign the tenancy agreement and make the security deposit a few days later.

While the tenancy agreement did not prevent us from having fellowship meetings at home, we still wanted to discuss it with the landlord before signing the tenancy agreement. We were blessed to find out that the landlord was involved in “fellowship” at different homes and had no objection to us having our fellowship meetings at home. We signed the tenancy agreement and paid our security deposit.

We are blessed to be moving to a new area and look forward to open doors to speak God’s Word. The other tenant in the building is someone who we met in 1980. We have always exchanged pleasantries when we meet. We know some of the neighbors from having interacted with them over the years.

Though our car was in the garage at a crucial time in our home search, we never got anxious. God met our need, and we look forward to Him meeting our need as we move to exercise our ministry of reconciliation.