We Truly Have a Big God!

During my time as a Way Ambassador, I saw God go to work to bring us the victory in many ways. One specific incident occurred at my job, where one of my coworkers had registered for our Power for Abundant Living Today class, but was not able to get her shift covered all the way up to the day before the start of the class. We had prayed with her in the week leading up to the first session and assured her that God would absolutely provide a way to cover for her so she could learn more about Him!

The day before the class, she still had no one to take her shift and was discouraged that she’d have to miss the session. That’s when I realized that although I wasn’t fully trained in her position, I had learned a lot of it doing my own job. It was an early morning to mid-afternoon shift, so I offered to step in for her shift if she could train me for the first few hours, and then she could leave part way through to get ready for the class. She was fearful that our managers would not be pleased with this sudden switch up, especially because I didn’t have her full training. But my teammate reminded her that since she was making God her priority, He would take care of her every need. With that, she called her manager, who was known for being inflexible, and asked if I could take over the shift. The manager, suddenly amicable, agreed, saying that she would inform the other leadership of this schedule change via a written note.

Early the next morning, I drove to work fully convinced that God would help take care of any details that came up. When I arrived, I saw my coworker walking to the worker entrance and caught up to her. I cheerfully greeted her, but she looked at me with worry, saying that she didn’t want her or me to get in trouble for changing the scheduling even with permission. I understood where she was coming from, but I fully believed that God wanted her to be in the Bible study class she had committed to be in, and that she didn’t have to be afraid of others trying to come between God and her. I told her this, and then we walked into the office together.

As soon as we entered, a different manager greeted us and asked why I was there. We explained the situation, but the manager was conflicted. Apparently, she had not received the written note confirming our schedule changes. I simply smiled at the manager and told her that I already had some training in the job, and that I was fully willing and able to learn anything required to complete the tasks. She looked at me for a moment, and then agreed so long as the work got done. My coworker started teaching me the finer details of her job, and I joyfully worked alongside her. A few times she voiced her worries about getting in trouble, but I kept assuring her that God was more than big enough to take care of any issues, and told her about Romans 8:28.

Later, the manager that had originally agreed to the schedule changes approached us with a troubled look. As she did, I was completely peaceful and thanked God for a resolution to the miscommunication that had happened earlier. When she reached us, it was not to reprimand us, but to apologize for her not properly passing along the information to the other leaders. She asked why I wanted to cover the shift, and I explained that my coworker had signed up for a Bible study class to get to know God better. She replied with a smile, “I’m all for people getting closer to God!” With that, we happily continued working, and my coworker was able to leave and make it to the first session of the class.

After she had gone, I learned that the workload was nearly halved because a supply truck had not made it to our building that morning. Because of this, despite my lack of experience, I was able to complete the work in place of my coworker. I was thrilled to see God help my coworker overcome this challenge so that she could understand His Word for herself better than ever! We truly have a big God!