A Worthwhile Life!

It all began for me in a house full of strangers and a house full of love.

I remember (like it was yesterday) the night I cried out to God, asking Him to show me that life was worth living. I was beginning to think, What is the point of living? I wasn’t quite sure I was even praying correctly, but I must’ve believed, because God answered my prayer.

I never would have guessed how much my heart would find comfort in a house full of strangers and in a house full of love. It was in a home fellowship that I experienced for the first time the power of the spoken Word and the love of God in manifestation. In that home fellowship, I heard a scripture that my heart found so easy to believe and that made my life worthwhile!

II Timothy 1:7:
For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

This verse changed my life! Power, love, and a sound mind—these three great realities combat life’s one crippling negative—fear. It’s no wonder the foundational class, called Power for Abundant Living, had my attention instantly. It was becoming obvious to me that God was answering my prayer to live a life that is worthwhile! I signed up for the class and began the journey of how to have power for abundant living.

What has God’s Word done for me? It gave me my life’s dream—to live a worthwhile life! I found it in serving God and His people and in moving His Word. I cannot imagine my life without God. His Word is my touchstone for truth—it melts all my fears away. It’s the basis of my believing and action, and its solidity gives me stability in life. I simply know no other way to live.

It goes to show just how important those invitations to our home fellowships are. Those fellowships, where God’s Word and God’s love live, can change lives! I’m thankful every day for the life-changing invitation I received to a house where God’s Word and God’s love lived. It led me to our Biblical research, teaching, and fellowship ministry where I have learned the keys to understanding God’s Word and heart for my life.

God is what I waited my whole life for, yet from before the foundation of the world, God waited for me to be a part of His family. When I sit down and take it all in, it’s the most humbling reality of my life—I was called of God, and it was always His plan to have me be His child, living a life that’s worthwhile by living His Word.