Letting the Peace of God Rule in My Decisions

I was a young married man getting ready to end my service in the United States Marine Corps, and I had many possibilities ahead of me. I was looking to make big decisions in my life such as where to move, where to go to college, what to go to college for, where to work, and how to continue coordinating a household fellowship. These were some of the decisions that I was facing. I wanted to keep God first and make the best decisions for myself and my family. But I did not have one clear, logical choice to choose. Many of the choices were good or great; however, I wanted the best. I knew that God knew which one was the best. I needed to go to the Word and give time for prayer.

The Way Ministry has taught me the Word and the godly principles that I needed to be successful in this situation. I was taught in this ministry that we do not want to make a decision based solely on money or fear. These are not aspects of a situation that should be the focus when making godly decisions. During this time, I was offered a substantial signing bonus with the military to stay in for four more years, the housing market had just crashed that year in the United States, and there was a high unemployment rate across the country. I had concerns about money and fear nudging me. The scripture that I held on to while making this decision was taught to me at a Way Ministry fellowship.

Colossians 3:15:
And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body; and be ye thankful.

The peace of God is what is to rule, judge or umpire, decisions that I make in my heart. I did not know the future, but I knew God did, and I needed to let the peace of God in me rule in this decision. I prayed and took believing action by researching my top options for many days regarding this decision. I set a date for when I needed to know what my decision would be. A few days before my “need to know” date, my wife and I went for a run to the top of a prominent hill in the city that we lived in. As we stood on the hill and looked out, I knew by the peace that I had in my heart that what was spiritually best for my life and my family’s future was to stay there.

By applying the Word that I learned in The Way Ministry regarding decision making, I reaped God’s abundance. We loved it there. We both received a great education, had jobs that we enjoyed, continued to coordinate a household fellowship, and we grew and matured in the Word a lot.

Five years later, my wife and I had another big decision to make: when to go into The Way Corps training. We applied Colossians 3:15 again, prayed, and took believing action. I set a time for me to make this decision by about what year we would enter the training, and by my “need to know” date, I knew. The very next year, we were going to be leaving the place that we loved to go into The Way Corps training to fulfill the calling that God had put on our hearts. The peace of God ruled, and we knew we were supposed to go. I have no regrets regarding this decision, for my life has only abounded in spiritual, physical, and mental blessings since making that decision.

Because of the Word and godly principles that have been taught to me in this ministry, my family and I are living our best lives today, and our future is as bright as the promises of God.