Trusting in God for Deliverance

God’s Power Prevails over a Hailstorm

Springtime in my city brings all forms of precipitation. One spring day, a hailstorm was in the forecast. My husband and I lived in a house without a garage. We usually parked our car in front of the house. This day was no exception.

As the storm approached there was nothing we could do but trust God to protect our car from hail damage. We prayed and thanked God to protect our vehicle. Shortly thereafter, the storm arrived. As we watched the hailstones rain down on our car, we continued to speak in tongues and believe that our car would not be scratched, dented, or broken in any way. Finally the storm stopped. We went outside, expecting the best outcome. Our car was in the same condition it was in before the hailstorm: there was no damage to it whatsoever.

That evening on the news, reporters were showing extensive car damage at local car dealerships, damage which was being called “an act of God.” One of our neighbors had just bought a new car, which was also severely damaged in the storm. However, our Almighty God, the one true God, protected our car from this hailstorm. Matthew 18:19 was realized in our lives that day. We were able to take God at His Word, believe, and see this miracle take place before our very eyes.

Thankful for God’s Protection

Early one Sunday morning, I was taking a walk in a local park in my area before fellowship. I was enjoying some nice quiet time with the Father, speaking in tongues as I walked along enjoying the scenery. When it was getting time for me to leave, I started heading back to where I was parked and noticed a woman who was walking towards me on the trail. All of a sudden, she made a quick 180-degree turn. I thought that was rather odd. She then turned around and looked right at me with wide eyes. I stopped to ask her what was wrong, and she pointed at me and just said, “SNAKE!” I started scanning the ground in front of me thinking, “I don’t see anything,” until I finally looked straight down to discover there was a rather large snake right at my feet. If I had taken one more step, I would have stepped right on it! I carefully maneuvered away from the snake, took a picture as evidence, thanked the woman, and quickly headed to my fellowship coordinator’s house, excited to share my story. I was excited because I knew my fellowship coordinator had some expertise in identifying things in nature, and I had just finished reading chapter 5 of Joy and Peace in Believing, entitled “Claiming God’s Protection: Trusting in the Lord,” which I had been preparing to teach on in an upcoming fellowship. Now I had a great incident for my teaching!

I got to fellowship and showed the picture to my fellowship coordinator. He informed me that it was a copperhead that I had almost stepped on—a very poisonous and sometimes deadly snake. Needless to say, I was very thankful it didn’t bite me, but I was even more thankful for the Word I had just recently learned about God’s protection. I was thrilled to see that as I believed and applied the Word I had been taught, the results were clear. Because of that, I could give God the glory and share my story of deliverance with others.