“All these things shall be added unto you.”

God’s Way Is Not the World’s Way

Matthew 6:33:
But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

I have always maintained a diligent and deliberate work ethic. Throughout my adult life (married life), I felt that working hard and putting in extra effort and time would allow me to provide for my family more fully. This thought process did provide financially for my family, but also added an extreme amount of stress to my physical, mental, and spiritual growth.

With guidance from leadership, I was able to see more clearly in God’s Word how I could believe for all my needs to be met no matter how the world thought I was supposed to approach those needs. God’s way is not the world’s way. I was able to change my thought process by doctrinally and practically learning to put Him first in as many ways as I could think of. I was able to secure a career that met all my needs, not just financial needs—and my relationship with God continues to get better!

Thank You, God!

My blessings from God—there are so many. The ones who introduced me to The Way Ministry are my biggest blessing.

These are also some of my blessings from God:

  • Family—Dad and Mom, brothers (five in all) and sisters (six in all)
  • Marriage—my spouse
  • My family—my children

When I was young, the doctors gave my Dad a fifty-fifty chance for successful back surgery. Thanks to God, he lived through it—thanks to our heavenly Father and His grace.

A couple of years later, my mom was diagnosed with meningitis. The doctor said she wouldn’t make it. Again our heavenly Father prevailed. We all prayed to God to send our mother back home from the hospital to us. God did that. We thank God.

I was diagnosed with polyps in my throat and colon. Also, there was a lump in my breast. All were benign! I had no cancer, thanks to my believing in our heavenly Father.

After my oldest daughter was delivered, the doctor told me that she would have brain damage. There was no damage at all by the power of prayer. I believed. Thank you, God!

In 1993 I gave birth to my youngest daughter. She was a premature baby and weighed about two pounds at birth. Her doctor said to my face, “The baby will never make it.” God had another plan. She’s now twenty-five years old. The Lord told me that the doctor didn’t know me like He did.

God is healing, love, righteous, trustworthy, makes no mistakes, and is never late. There is no second-guessing that His Word is His will. These are just some of the blessings God has given me. Everything I have is because of God. God gave us His only begotten Son. I hear wonderful teachings and love to attend fellowship. I don’t have the words to explain it. It’s God first and no distractions. These are some of my blessings from God.