I Wanted a New Relationship

Psalms 4:1:
Hear me when I call, O God of my righteousness: thou hast enlarged me when I was in distress; have mercy upon me, and hear my prayer.

God promises to hear our prayers and care for us unconditionally. He made us righteous through Christ and without penalty for our failings; He answers our prayers with exactly what each believer needs. I was introduced to the truth of God’s Word at a Way Ministry fellowship and began to understand this promise after completing the Foundational Class at age eighteen. Many years with The Way and many classes later, I was confronted with a very challenging situation. I remembered this verse and God’s promise to deliver me.

My marriage had ended, and I was the single mother of two beautiful boys, ages eight and eleven. My confidence in myself was shaky, and I felt insecure and lonely. My responsibilities were many, and I was painfully aware that my children were missing a dad. There was a large gap between what I desired for my family life to be and what my daily experiences were. This verse was my encouragement to take action before fear could set in. I cried out to God, and He heard me!

Remembering the four Ds of deliverance (decision, desire, details, and deliverance), I prayed to my heavenly Father to help me find the courage and wisdom to move forward. Knowing that God hears our prayers and sees us as we are—spiritually righteous—was comforting. The decision was made. I wanted a new relationship. Next, there came a desire to move forward. In thinking through the many specific details regarding the attributes I was looking for in a believing husband, I made a thoughtful, prayerful list. Seventeen qualities from spiritual to physical, even including personality and cultural traits I desired, were written down. I worked the Word, prayed, claimed God’s promises, and acted on the Word I knew.

After a short time, an opportunity became available. An Advanced Class Special was announced, and I registered to attend. It later occurred to me that the right man could be at this great spiritual event, and I thanked God again for answering my prayer and fulfilling my heart’s desire. It was months away; I had not yet found the courage to go on a date, but there was still time. I believed that my heavenly Father would work out the details, and I began thanking Him for finding the best husband for me and for getting him to that meeting. After a couple of months, I was so confident that my new guy would be there that I began praying daily that he was blessed, healthy, and happy. I believe God revealed many pieces of information to help me prepare my heart and life before the event. My confidence in His ability and willingness to care for me was so strong that I was completely convinced that my prayers were answered already.

That November I excitedly arrived at the Special. After registering, I went to the ministry Bookstore where I met my future husband. We were married two years later and have enjoyed sixteen years of fun, adventure, and service together. About a year after our marriage, I found that prayer list and rejoiced as I checked off each and every attribute I had prayed for in the husband God found for me. God is very good! He hears our prayers and gives us a personal and perfect answer of deliverance. He is always able and willing when we believe!