At Peace, Blessed, and Filled with Thankfulness

I am very blessed to have been raised in this ministry. I was taught at a young age to love God and believe His Word. That was just life for me, and I didn’t know any different. In my early twenties, however, I let distractions into my life, and I got too wrapped up in the world. I got to the point where I lacked confidence and drive, and I was not satisfied with the results in my life. I was internally conflicted because I knew what I was taught, but I wasn’t doing those things.

I had many conversations with my parents, and they, being strong believers and Way Corps ministers, had sound advice that pointed back to the Word each time. I had a close friend at the time who had just returned from going Way Disciple. I’d known her my entire life, and after just those six months, she was completely transformed into a strong and confident woman of God. It definitely caught my attention.

Soon after, I was informed that there was going to be a Region meeting put on by our ministry that would last the whole weekend. I hadn’t been particularly social with the household, but it was heavy on my heart to go. I am so thankful I did. It seemed like each teaching that was taught was just for me. I learned about putting God first and eliminating distractions. I learned about who I am as a child of God and that I am more than a conqueror. I learned that the things that I’ve done don’t determine what I can do for God. I heard more and more about Way Disciple and how it’s changed lives for the better. It was during that Region meeting that my focus shifted from wanting to serve and please myself, to wanting to serve and please God. I started serving in fellowship more, I started doing outreach, and I got my head in the Word.

A couple months later, I signed up to go Way Disciple. It was a truly life-changing experience. I grew in so many ways, and it was after serving God to such a high degree that I knew that’s what I wanted to do my entire life. I decided that I needed to go into The Way Corps. I preferred to go into The Way Corps program married, but at the time I had no one in mind. I had no idea when I’d get married—it could be years down the road—so I started moving ahead with my application to apply for The Way Corps. I had no doubt that God would not only meet my needs but the desires of my heart. I just kept putting Him first, trusting that all things would work together for good.

Well, God honors believing, and He honors those who are faithfully committed to Him and His Word. Not long after applying for The Way Corps, my Way Disciple brother expressed interest in me. We were best friends, and we loved moving the Word together. However, I was not willing to halt my service to God just to get married. We kept dating, knowing that I was going to be going into The Way Corps, and not knowing what the future may hold.

Not too long after all of this, my Way Disciple brother called me on the phone. He told me that before we got together, he’d decided to go into The Way Corps; he just didn’t know when would be the right time to apply. He asked me if I’d be willing to go the following year with him as a married couple. I knew that this was the absolute right thing because I went to God. I prayed and trusted that He would work in me to make the right decision. I felt completely peaceful about the situation and I told him yes—I would go into The Way Corps program with him as a married couple.

Now, almost two years later, I am completely at peace, blessed, and filled with thankfulness as my husband and I are on our way to completing our two years of in-residence Way Corps training. This ministry has taught me the accuracy of God’s Word. It’s taught me how to believe, pray, and understand and enjoy God’s Word. There is nothing else I’d rather do for the rest of my life than to serve God, my heavenly Father, Who has withheld no good thing from me; and I’m so thankful for The Way International, which has provided me a great avenue to serve Him.