God Will Take Care of His Kids

A few years ago, my brother lost his job. He is a very successful businessman, and this was a real blow to him. The economy was not doing well, and his company was downsizing. They made the decision to eliminate a whole section of management to save money—the section where my beloved brother worked.

After about a month and a half of looking for a job, my brother texted me and told me what had happened. He asked for prayers from my husband and me. I went to my husband, and we talked about this situation. Not only would we pray for my brother to find a new and better job, but we wanted to show him how to protect himself from this ever happening again. We talked about teaching him how to tithe. We knew he and his wife and family faithfully attended church and that they would probably be familiar with the tithe.

I called my brother and asked him, “Do you tithe?” He replied, “No. Tell me what I need to do.” This opened the door for me to teach him about the tithe and also about abundantly sharing. He then asked me very specific questions such as, “Who do I give the tithe to?” and, “Should I tithe from all my money in our savings account or just what we are taking in right now?” These questions were good ones, and we could see that he was serious. After this conversation, we sent him a copy of the booklet Christians Should Be Prosperous. Then for the days following, we prayed and believed with him. We texted encouraging verses to him and kept in touch.

Within a week and a half we heard from my brother, and he had great cheerfulness in his voice. He told us that he was offered a job! A good job in the same type of business he had before. He would be doing the same type of work, which he is very qualified to do. Not only that, but God’s abundance really was great because he told us that he would be receiving 20 percent more pay and there would be significantly less travel involved with this new job. He and his wife were absolutely thrilled and so were we. Something interesting also happened the same day that my brother was offered this new and improved job. The state he lived in declared bankruptcy! Now this is certainly not a good situation for the state, but it did prove to my brother that God will take care of His kids when they do the Word no matter what is going on around them.

God is great and He takes care of us! The Word of God is the will of God! I believe it with my whole heart. I am thankful for how our ministry teaches God’s Word so clearly so that we can live it and win in life, and so that we can show others the way also.