Let’s See This Work!

When I first came to the ministry, I was not living an abundant life financially. I had just moved to a new area, and I desperately needed a job. I had been attending fellowship for a couple of weeks, and the believers expressed to me the importance of tithing and how God would supply my need in the physical category of life. Up until then I had never known that when an offering was made, there would be any benefit to me; only to the religious organization I was giving to.

Soon after I learned this principle of giving and receiving, I came to fellowship ready to give and see this principle work for me. I had eleven dollars and planned to give a dollar of it when the basket was passed at fellowship. When the time came to make available the abundant sharing, I quickly went to my coat that was in the closet to get my dollar. I got it and when the basket came to me, I excitedly tossed my dollar into the basket. But, it wasn’t the dollar, it was the ten-dollar bill!

I wasn’t about to ask for them to bring the basket back so that I could take out the ten-dollar bill and put in the one-dollar bill. Instead, I quietly said to myself, “Well God, You said that You will supply my need, let’s see this work!”

The next morning I received a call from a restaurant that needed a fast-order cook. Even though I had never done this job, they said they would train me! Soon after that, I received another job offer in a field that I desired to work in. Soon after that, I was offered another job that I had applied for when I first moved to the area. God not only supplied one job, but three, and each one better than the other.

I certainly learned the principle of giving and receiving, and I faithfully apply this principle today. God has been, and continues to be, faithful to supply my need beyond my expectations.