God’s Word in My Heart Brings Peace

God’s Word truly is the stability of my life. Thanks to my parents’ faithful stand with The Way International for over thirty years, I was blessed with the incredible privilege to be raised with mighty believing examples all my life. As an adult I have been given MANY opportunities to apply those believing principles, one of which I would like to share with you.

As a child I was excited to grow up and become a wife and mother. God answered the first part of my prayer shortly after I completed serving in our ministry’s outreach program. I met my mighty man of valor, and we were soon married. God, as He is faithful, went on to answer the second part of my prayer, and I experienced a wonderful, healthy pregnancy.

When the time came to labor, things progressed smoothly. Eventually my body hit a wall that it just couldn’t seem to get past. Thanks to the wonderful gift of holy spirit, my husband and I remained peaceful, even though at this point my physical body was literally shaking from exhaustion and a slight fever. Soon it became evident that the medical staff was not as peaceful with the situation as we were! I began hearing whispers behind the curtain of the need to make medical interventions soon. Well, they didn’t know MY God!

God through His infinite wisdom had already arranged a solution to this opportunity. My parents and brother had arrived in town the previous day! My dad suggested we have a believers’ meeting and operate the worship manifestations. My family circled around me, held hands, and delivered God’s message for the situation. Immediately I stopped shaking and could tell it was time to deliver.

An hour later our sweet daughter was born with no more medical interventions. God wasn’t done delivering yet! After the postbirth checkup, it was brought to our attention that our daughter wasn’t moving her right arm at all. There was a tension in the room that I just couldn’t understand. Even as they explained the situation, I remember thinking, “So what’s the big deal?” Some may say I was delusional, but I know it was the peace of God in my heart that allowed for that response. God healed her completely without any medical assistance. Almost six years later I still look back on that day with great joy because today I can look at my daughter as she does push-ups, leads songs, and plays with two fully functioning arms. My deliverance was one of peace from the mighty Word of God I had sown in my heart thanks to The Way International.