Knowing God and His Word Brings Me Peace

Because of the Word I have learned in The Way Ministry, God has made known a peace in my heart that the world never gave. God has helped me to have peace in my heart in spite of living in a sometimes challenging five-senses world. Understanding the spiritual competition has enabled me to endure many things with a peaceful heart.

Before I learned the accuracy of God’s Word in The Way Ministry, I used to look for other ways to find peace. When I was twenty-three years old, I packed up my suitcases, quit my job, and moved away from the city where I had lived my whole life to a small town in the mountains. All this, so I could find peace. I was convinced that the city I was living in was the cause of all my distress. I didn’t like the traffic, the noise, the stress of my job, and all the many people crowded together in one place.

My first few months of living in my new environment in the mountains was very peaceful, and I thought I had found the solution to my anxiety. But as soon as I started meeting people, building relationships, and working different jobs, things became unpeaceful again. I was having the same problems I had when I lived in the city. It was all in the way I was thinking! I was basing my thoughts on worldly peace—the five senses—and I needed godly peace to reign in my heart.

After my brief stay in the mountains, I returned to my home state and started a small transportation business. As satisfying as it was to have my own business, often it was pressuresome. There was a payroll to meet, taxes to be paid, money to be billed and collected, sales calls to be made, and customers to keep happy. Sometimes I would lie awake at night wondering if the customers would send their payments owed to me on time, so that I could pay my employees.

Very soon after I started this business I was introduced to The Way Ministry, and I learned truths from God’s Word on how to claim His peace no matter what environment I was in. I learned in The Way Ministry that peace is part of the spiritual package we receive when we get born again of God’s spirit. I learned how to pray, I began to tithe, I learned how to operate the manifestations, and I started utilizing the spiritual resources I was given.

Then one day with no warning, one of my major customers filed bankruptcy and was not able to pay a substantial amount of money they owed me. The profit of my company depended much on this income. What was I to do? The Word I was learning in The Way Ministry helped me to stay calm and peaceful. I kept moving, kept tithing, controlled my expenses, prayed, and believed God.

And then one day, also without warning, I received a phone call from a salesman in Chicago who said the president of one of my smaller accounts gave him my name as a reference. He told me that his company had a new account in the town I operated and that they needed someone to deliver their merchandise. He said, “You’ve been highly recommended.” We started working together immediately. He gave me an order that day. This ended up being one of my largest and most reliable accounts. God provided for what I needed and more.

This incident encouraged me to stay peaceful in other situations that came up with the business, and this actually still continues to help me to remain peaceful in challenging times—knowing that God will always provide what I need. I’ve learned that God’s peace comes from a knowledge and application of His Word, not just from living in the mountains.

Because of the Word I have learned in The Way Ministry, God has made known a peace in my heart that the world never gave.