I Am Able to Love Big!

Because of God and His Word, I am able to love big. I have been able to help my family members in times of discouragement. Many times have I brightened my mother’s day on the phone when she was in a down­hearted state of mind. It thrills me to leave others better than I find them. I was the first one to tell my family members, “I love you.” Now, they are comfortable saying, “I love you,” out loud too.

One time, my brother and sister-in-law from Ohio came to visit my husband and me in Florida, and we were going to go together on a cruise for the first time out of Miami (a three-hour trip from our home). Everyone had their ID with them. Three of us had our passports, and my sister-in-law had an alternate form of acceptable ID.

At the port, my sister-in-law was the final one of us to check in. She did not know that the law had just changed a month before, and her form of ID was no longer acceptable. Need I say any more? We were not going on that cruise. She felt so low, thinking that she had been the cause of the cancellation. She began to cry right there in the terminal. I just knew where my brother’s mind was tempted to go at this point—anger at his wife.

I immediately wrapped her in my arms and told her it was alright. We would just alter our vacation plans and go on the cruise again in a year or two. It took a little while for her to calm down, but I just kept comforting her, and my husband reinforced the effort. My brother, who could have really come down on her, saw that heart of love we showed her and was not inflamed towards her. Actually, he stayed pretty quiet for awhile and encouraged her later as well.

Had I not had the knowledge and wisdom of God’s Word, I am sure I would have responded according to the world’s way. But growing in God’s Word for many years has enabled me to love big and help others.