I Knew God Would Provide

A couple of years ago, I moved to a very large city, specifically to help care for God’s people. I was believing for what I call “a God job”: a job where I could have opportunities to share God’s Word, to contribute my long suits to a great company, and to have my financial needs met with an abundance to give. I looked for a job for several months before accepting one. I knew the job I accepted was not the job I was still ultimately believing for; but I believed it would meet my need for the time being. I put my whole heart into that job, knowing that I work heartily as to the Lord and not unto men—a truth in Colossians 3:23 that I learned in this ministry. I knew there was a godly reason I was at the job, and I believed to see it.

In the time I worked there, I continued to look for a different job. At times it was very discouraging; I applied for job after job, and most times I never heard back. Other times I would get interviewed, and it would seem so close, but then they would give the job to someone else. In I Samuel 30, when David was in an extremely intense, tough situation, the Word says he “encouraged himself in the Lord.” Because of what I have learned about believing, when I was discouraged, I would go through a mental list of all the amazing things God had done for me so far since moving here, such as providing me with a car and a computer, which were both a need, and had both been given to me. Even though I did not have the finances to purchase those items, God showed me over and over that He would continue to provide for me. I continued to be clear and concerned in what I was believing for, and I prayed about it much.

On New Year’s Eve, I found myself without a job. Even in this situation, God had prepared me. I was able to drive my mind to the Word. I was excited because I knew that my “God job” was close. I didn’t have a job at all, and I KNEW God would provide. I kept moving forward. Within a couple of days, I saw God working mightily in the timing of things coming into place for me getting not just a job, but the best job for me. I continued to give much and volunteered to coordinate a combined Branch Intermediate Class.

Over the space of a couple of weeks, I had three interviews with a premier company in the city and was wowed by the Biblical principles they practice in their company. The third interview was on a Thursday with one of the partners in the company. When I left the job interview, I was told they had more interviews the following Monday and then would make their decision. The next day, Friday, was the beginning of the Intermediate Class. I went for a run in the morning and received a phone call saying that the company decided to cancel their other interviews to offer me the job. What timing!! I was able to put my full focus into the Intermediate Class, and my new job started the day after the class ended. Before I was officially hired, I was given more responsibility and a raise, making twice as much as I had at my previous job, and also great benefits. I have had opportunities to speak God’s Word to my coworkers, and I continue to see God do amazing things for me at this job.

Although it took over a year and a half to find this job, I know that my faithfulness to keep looking and keep moving forward with believing was due to the solidity of the Word I live in my life. It was The Way International that taught me how to understand and live this Word. What a faithful God we have!