The Word of God Is the Only Standard for Truth

I grew up in a Roman Catholic family where my father regularly took us to mass on Sundays; I nevertheless distanced myself from religion as soon as I went to secondary boarding school, where I could decide not to go to mass without any problem.

I was completely ignorant of spiritual affairs, although I often heard about talismans that some people could use to prosper in life or village notables who own totems in my country.

Since I was a good Cartesian, all the explanations I had previously received about these phenomena did not satisfy me, until the day when, in the face of a situation of a friend suddenly possessed by devil spirits and where scientific medicine was powerless, a colleague who was with the ministry of The Way told me not only that this could be explained in the light of the Bible, but also how my friend could be healed. He recommended that I take the Foundational Class, which in a very short time would enable me to acquire maximum knowledge on the spiritual realm.

Thus, some time later, I took my first foundational class on Power for Abundant Living (PFAL) with much curiosity and enthusiasm. This class really hooked me with its scientific precision and mathematical exactness, especially in the demonstrations of truth, such as the day Jesus Christ died or the four crucified with Jesus. I was relieved to know that I was saved by God’s grace and not by my works.

Later I took the Foundational Class again. As a scientist, I appreciated the demonstration leading to the conclusion that the Word of God is the only standard for truth, whatever the theories upheld by “great philosophers” were.

In this class, I was particularly moved when I learned that the purpose of the Word of God is for the man of God to be perfect (equipped, outfitted) and furnished for all good works. God has outfitted us during our pilgrimage on earth so that we lack nothing.

I now know that the Devil is the god of this world. The concerns I had at the time about all the injustices around us, the mishaps that people had met without deserving them, finally had an explanation through the idiom of permission. Lucifer also had free will, the possibility of making a choice. God had to allow darkness, the potential for evil.

Later, I was able to take the Intermediate and Advanced Classes, which completed the series for my knowledge of spiritual matters:

I Corinthians 12:1:
Now concerning spiritual gifts [matters], brethren, I would not have you ignorant.

All these teachings enable me to know God’s true nature in that He is essentially good, He is Love, and He is Light. I no longer have any fear concerning all these irrational things, especially coming from our customs in my country characterized by secret myths and practices. I am very grateful to God for this how-to ministry that teaches us His rightly divided Word. I can attest that God is faithful, as is His Word, which could not be more coherent.