It Was God’s Power in Manifestation

The Way Ministry has taught me about God’s power and how to have it in my life. When I was a young girl, I was curious about power—who had it, who didn’t. I saw that the church I was raised in did not have it. The people didn’t have it and it wasn’t taught. In movies and some television shows, there was power displayed—a power that was evil and it had my attention. I knew the Devil had power, but I was also afraid of that power. I believed God was stronger, and yet I didn’t see God’s power manifested.

A year after I had taken the Foundational Class, I was on the ministry’s outreach program in New York. Several of us were traveling from New York to our ministry’s Headquarters in Ohio in February when the driver of the vehicle applied the brakes on a downhill grade and the car began to spin. I was sitting behind the driver and saw a semitruck coming straight at us. In my mind I said, “In the name of Jesus Christ stop.” The car came to a complete stop—no rocking and no jolt from the sudden stop. The truck whizzed by, and we just sat there for a minute letting what happened sink in. I didn’t tell anyone what I had done; I wasn’t sure if I believed that what I said really made the difference. When we arrived at Headquarters and I told my leadership what happened, she confirmed for me that yes, I made a difference. It was the power of God in manifestation. I had not been in the ministry for very long nor had that many classes, but I did believe what I had been taught.

In the forty-plus years since then, no matter where I have lived I have always known that God’s power was there with me and that God would always protect me as I walked with Him and listened to the “still, small voice” within.