Philippians 2:13 Is Living and Real for Me

I took the Foundational Class in 1974 when I was eighteen years old. The most essential and valuable truth I have been taught in The Way Ministry, and the one I continue to claim in its greatness and importance to my life, is that of the Great Principle: God Who is Spirit teaches His creation in you which is now your spirit. Your spirit teaches your mind. Then it becomes manifested in the senses realm as you act or as you speak out.

I know that God and I have a unique relationship. It’s OUR relationship. He communicates with me according to my understanding. He knows me, and He knows how to get my attention. Over the years I have learned to pay close attention to His instruction and follow and act accordingly. I am blessed to say that Philippians 2:13 is living and real for me.

Philippians 2:13:
For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.

Many times, taking the steps to reach the desired goal seems effortless, and other times it requires much more diligence. But I must say that through experience I have learned that the length of time the plan takes isn’t important, but following the plan is the important key.

My dad was not in good health, and my parents determined it was time for them to change their living situation so that they could have more help on a daily basis. They were going to sell their house and move in with my sister who lived an hour north of them; but first, construction needed to take place at my sister’s house. They asked me to get involved and to come up with a plan to accomplish this task. The first thing I did was pray in order to get clear and concerned about what needed to take place. Since I live over one thousand miles away from my parents, the plan needed to be sound, logical, affordable, and doable. As I went to God in prayer I could see the Great Principle in motion, and He made it absolutely clear to me that this was not a time for flexibility, but for a solid plan. So with that mind-set I listened and obeyed, and I knew exactly what had to be done and when. I informed my parents and others concerning the details: it started with the design and ordering materials, then the date to start construction, when to start packing, when to list their house on the market, and when to move out—whether their house was sold or not. The course of events covered about nine months.

My parents were agreeable to what I presented and were blessed to see the plan laid out for them. I kept in close contact with phone calls and visits, and everything moved along beautifully. A few weeks after putting their house on the market they received an offer on their house. One sibling said they should hold out for more money, but I strongly encouraged them to take the offer and move ahead with the plan. They accepted the offer and set a closing date.

Throughout the time we kept to the schedule I had given them, sticking to the dates I knew were key to the plan’s success, and we moved them to their new home on the set date. Three weeks later they closed on their house. A few weeks after that, Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana and devastated the city of New Orleans—but my parents were no longer living there. The house I grew up in was under water, but by the grace of God, my parents were safe and sound.

I could have figured out a timeline on my own, but the importance of the timing was known only by God, and He made certain that I understood this. The Way Ministry taught me how to know and understand that God is a personal God and that He is able and willing to communicate with me according to my understanding and my believing. Because of what I have learned in this ministry, I am confident in His ability to supply whatever the need may be. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God was at work in me to make a plan that was solid and sure. I trusted Him to give me the detailed information I needed, and He did not hold back. God’s faithfulness to His children saved my family. In this I rejoice.