Set Free with the Truth of God’s Word

I was about ten years old. I had just lost my father and I was miserable. My mother had received many sympathy cards, but one in particular troubled me. It read something like, “He is not gone, he is just away.” I thought to myself, “What a lie!” At the time I didn’t know the truth of God’s Word, but I knew that my father was GONE.

It wasn’t until I was witnessed to almost ten years later that I was set free with the truth of God’s Word. The reality that when people fall asleep, they don’t immediately go to heaven, cleared away all the fog of deception. I no longer was troubled with the thought that my father might be watching me. I believed that my father was born again, so to realize that he was asleep and awaiting the return of our lord Jesus Christ, set my heart at peace.

I was so blessed to have a clear understanding about what happens when a person who knows that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and is born again falls asleep. They have no consciousness. Their next waking moment will be the return of Jesus Christ.

The Way Ministry and the book Are the Dead Alive Now? set before people who want to know the truth regarding this subject so that they can be free in their hearts and minds about what happens when believers fall asleep.