Victory in Living the Word

In the past thirty years of my life, I have had great freedom to make choices in my life because of what the ministry has taught concerning “living within your means” and living debt-free.

I purchased a home in 1986 and considered if I could afford the mortgage even if I worked at a minimum-wage job. So I was applying the principle of living within my means.

But looking ahead, I wanted to do more for God with my time and talents. The best way to do this was to start living debt-free. So I worked toward and then paid off my mortgage, and I now have no loans or credit card debt.

When in the early 1990s our country entered a recession, I was able to face the challenges of the country’s financial crisis with trust in God and the absence of fear because I was free from the bondage of debt.

Living debt-free opened up opportunities to take on the privilege of being a household fellowship coordinator in the first years of the new millennium and to help others see the greatness of living the Word in this category. I am still sharing these truths today and will continue to do so in the current fellowship I have the honor to coordinate.

I was able to leave a job situation after thirty-eight years that had become very vexing day after day because I knew that I had that freedom of living debt-free. Another woman who was in the exact same situation at the company was afraid to look for other opportunities to use her skills elsewhere. She was too afraid to do so because her mind-set was, “I cannot because I have a mortgage.”

I have seen the benefit of what the ministry has taught me in very practical solutions for living in whatever financial or political climate that surrounds me in the world. I have peace. Being in bondage to debt would have caused me to fear and ensnared me. God’s Word, when applied, allows us to walk in freedom and abundance.

I thank God for His matchless Word, and The Way Ministry for teaching me how to apply it in every category of life so that I can walk circumspectly and unfettered, serving God with my whole heart, soul, mind, and strength.