We Are Stronger Together

What has blessed and continues to bless me is spending time with other believers as that helps us grow together as people. Many times in my young life, there were situations where I just needed to be around believers because I knew that we are stronger together than anything. Whenever I need comfort, or I need to express my joy, I know I can go to believers because they are friends that I can trust and laugh with.

I don’t have unbelieving friends because of their negativity. I have a lot going on in my life with school starting soon, and it can sometimes be stressful. Having to deal with schedules, managing friends, and having good grades is all that I think about. But whenever I’m with believers, these thoughts just stop—I don’t think about them anymore, and that is proof as to how easy it is to stop thinking about the world. When I’m with believers, it’s easier for me to deal with things because they have the Word like I do. They know about the world, and believers know how to comfort one another.

I’m very grateful to be raised in this ministry around believers. The Seventy-fifth Anniversary was amazing, and I hope to go to another celebration someday.