When Things Look Cloudy, Focus on God

I was upset with my situation at my job. The place where I was once happy had become a very negative and stressful atmosphere. The new management had not been the best for about five years. My wonderful, sweet office manager retired early because she could no longer handle the stress, and a coworker who was a bully became the new office manager. The director was very hard on people. He always liked to talk bad about people and wanted you to join in and agree with him. I was angry and no longer happy at my job, and I wanted to leave.

I’ve been in the ministry for thirty-two years. I’m an Advanced Class graduate, and I’ve been out as a WOW Ambassador and a Way Disciple. So I asked myself, what have I learned over the years? One of the most important things I reminded myself of was to focus on God! When things look a little cloudy and the path is not so clear, God is always there, closer than our very breath.

I’ve enjoyed all of the classes I have taken over the years, but the one class that really helped me in this situation is The Renewed Mind: The Key to Power. (This short little class is a gem!) I had to get past my anger to get to my deliverance. Even being angry at someone or a situation can make our thoughts a little cloudy. I would dread going to work. As I started reading through the syllabus, it reminded me that our real motivation for renewing our mind is thankfulness to God. As we renew our mind, God works in us to will and to do of His good pleasure. Anger is one of the most restrictive mental prisons that people fail to recognize, and bitterness is always destructive. I continued reviewing the syllabus and started changing my mind and reminding myself what God’s Word says (Romans 12:1,2).

Each day I would lift my situation in prayer and remind myself that I can cast my cares on God. Every time an opportunity at work would start getting negative, I would change my mind and remember what I had learned. As I stayed faithful and trusted God many great things started happening (This took 2 1/2 years):

  • A new director and assistant director were hired who are great guys to work with.
  • The work atmosphere started changing for the better.
  • They hired another administrative coordinator, and she is a Christian and great to work with.

Now I have been at my job for sixteen years! I did not quit and can leave when I am ready to retire. Thanks, God! I am so thankful for the great classes our ministry provides! I also love The Way Magazines!

Our Thoughts and Words Are Powerful

After months of being faced with physical challenges and not seeing deliverance, my mind and body were exhausted. I was tempted to give in. I was beginning to think, “I guess I’m just going to die young.” I told my husband what I was thinking, and he immediately reminded me of what we had been taught from the Word: we are to control our thinking to think on what the Word says, not on what we are feeling; God is powerful and limitless; we believe based on what we put into our mind; as we control our thinking and confess the truth of the Word, we will see the positive results of the Word and receive our deliverance. I immediately changed my thinking and my confession. I told him that from then on I was resolved to confess, “I am going to live to be one hundred years old!” I began to focus on what the Word said, and not on the pain I was in. Little by little, I saw my deliverance come to pass.

Today, I am a different person. I work a full time job, something I thought I would never do again. I no longer need a walker, not even a cane. I live a normal, active life. In fact, people tell me to slow down!

Our thoughts and words are powerful. As we keep confessing the Word and believing positively, we will see God’s deliverance.

Philippians 2:13 Is Living and Real for Me

I took the Foundational Class in 1974 when I was eighteen years old. The most essential and valuable truth I have been taught in The Way Ministry, and the one I continue to claim in its greatness and importance to my life, is that of the Great Principle: God Who is Spirit teaches His creation in you which is now your spirit. Your spirit teaches your mind. Then it becomes manifested in the senses realm as you act or as you speak out.

I know that God and I have a unique relationship. It’s OUR relationship. He communicates with me according to my understanding. He knows me, and He knows how to get my attention. Over the years I have learned to pay close attention to His instruction and follow and act accordingly. I am blessed to say that Philippians 2:13 is living and real for me.

Philippians 2:13:
For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.

Many times, taking the steps to reach the desired goal seems effortless, and other times it requires much more diligence. But I must say that through experience I have learned that the length of time the plan takes isn’t important, but following the plan is the important key.

My dad was not in good health, and my parents determined it was time for them to change their living situation so that they could have more help on a daily basis. They were going to sell their house and move in with my sister who lived an hour north of them; but first, construction needed to take place at my sister’s house. They asked me to get involved and to come up with a plan to accomplish this task. The first thing I did was pray in order to get clear and concerned about what needed to take place. Since I live over one thousand miles away from my parents, the plan needed to be sound, logical, affordable, and doable. As I went to God in prayer I could see the Great Principle in motion, and He made it absolutely clear to me that this was not a time for flexibility, but for a solid plan. So with that mind-set I listened and obeyed, and I knew exactly what had to be done and when. I informed my parents and others concerning the details: it started with the design and ordering materials, then the date to start construction, when to start packing, when to list their house on the market, and when to move out—whether their house was sold or not. The course of events covered about nine months.

My parents were agreeable to what I presented and were blessed to see the plan laid out for them. I kept in close contact with phone calls and visits, and everything moved along beautifully. A few weeks after putting their house on the market they received an offer on their house. One sibling said they should hold out for more money, but I strongly encouraged them to take the offer and move ahead with the plan. They accepted the offer and set a closing date.

Throughout the time we kept to the schedule I had given them, sticking to the dates I knew were key to the plan’s success, and we moved them to their new home on the set date. Three weeks later they closed on their house. A few weeks after that, Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana and devastated the city of New Orleans—but my parents were no longer living there. The house I grew up in was under water, but by the grace of God, my parents were safe and sound.

I could have figured out a timeline on my own, but the importance of the timing was known only by God, and He made certain that I understood this. The Way Ministry taught me how to know and understand that God is a personal God and that He is able and willing to communicate with me according to my understanding and my believing. Because of what I have learned in this ministry, I am confident in His ability to supply whatever the need may be. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God was at work in me to make a plan that was solid and sure. I trusted Him to give me the detailed information I needed, and He did not hold back. God’s faithfulness to His children saved my family. In this I rejoice.

It Was God’s Power in Manifestation

The Way Ministry has taught me about God’s power and how to have it in my life. When I was a young girl, I was curious about power—who had it, who didn’t. I saw that the church I was raised in did not have it. The people didn’t have it and it wasn’t taught. In movies and some television shows, there was power displayed—a power that was evil and it had my attention. I knew the Devil had power, but I was also afraid of that power. I believed God was stronger, and yet I didn’t see God’s power manifested.

A year after I had taken the Foundational Class, I was on the ministry’s outreach program in New York. Several of us were traveling from New York to our ministry’s Headquarters in Ohio in February when the driver of the vehicle applied the brakes on a downhill grade and the car began to spin. I was sitting behind the driver and saw a semitruck coming straight at us. In my mind I said, “In the name of Jesus Christ stop.” The car came to a complete stop—no rocking and no jolt from the sudden stop. The truck whizzed by, and we just sat there for a minute letting what happened sink in. I didn’t tell anyone what I had done; I wasn’t sure if I believed that what I said really made the difference. When we arrived at Headquarters and I told my leadership what happened, she confirmed for me that yes, I made a difference. It was the power of God in manifestation. I had not been in the ministry for very long nor had that many classes, but I did believe what I had been taught.

In the forty-plus years since then, no matter where I have lived I have always known that God’s power was there with me and that God would always protect me as I walked with Him and listened to the “still, small voice” within.

We Claimed What God Has Promised Us

My wife and I would like to testify of God’s glory, which was manifested in the face of a big challenge when we were expecting our baby girl. Around the twentieth week of pregnancy, due to a risk of early delivery, the doctor suggested a cervical placement for my wife. However, the amniotic sac was broken by mistake, which caused the amniotic fluid to leak.

Due to the seriousness of the situation, the doctors suggested that we abort the pregnancy. At that time, they told us that it was impossible for the sac to be restored, and that it is very rare for amniotic fluid to be replenished. We had a need! Our need was for the sac to be restored and the liquid to be reconstituted in the womb. So we prayed to God and claimed what God has promised us in III John 2. Then we asked the household to believe with us. We also built our believing on some other verses of the Bible such as:

Jeremiah 32:17:
there is nothing too hard for thee.

Proverbs 10:22:
The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it.

Proverbs 3:8:
It shall be health to thy navel, and marrow to thy bones.

We endured one day at a time, a wonderful principle that we learned in the Foundational Class. Around the twenty-fourth week of pregnancy during an ultrasound, the doctor noticed that the amniotic fluid was replenished and in a loud voice said that it was in abundance. At some point she thought it was even too much and needed to make sure that everything was normal. God also restored the sac. No amniotic fluid escaped from the womb until the delivery.

Today, as we are writing this sharing, our daughter is eight months old, and she continues to grow. God’s Word is the will of God and it works!

We Knew that God Would Help Us

I have enjoyed the privilege of growing up in The Way Ministry. From a very early age, I was taught how God cared for me and desired prosperity for me in every category of life. I have enjoyed getting to freely give to God by way of abundantly sharing and claiming His abundance in life through all sorts of circumstances.

III John 2:
Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.

One example that was very important to my wife and me occurred after we had been married for a few years. One day my wife misplaced her wedding ring. We knew that it was God’s desire for us to find this ring and that He would help us. The night we realized the ring was missing, we prayed and then we looked all around our home, but we did not find the ring. Even though we did not find the ring that night, I remember going to sleep peacefully, trusting that God would take care of our concern.

The next morning I was getting ready to go to work and preparing to take our trash out to the street for pickup. As I started to pick up the bag of trash, God put it on my heart to not take out the trash that day. I immediately stopped and told my wife that we should leave the trash bag in the house because her ring might be in the trash. At first, this sounded quite odd to my wife, as she would never intentionally throw the ring in the trash can; but we agreed to wait on taking out the trash.

Throughout the day, I reminded myself of how God desires for us to have an abundant life, and for my wife and me, that included finding this ring. After we put our kids to bed that night, I started going through the trash piece by piece. It was clear to me to do this task slowly and to make sure I saw each item of trash. As I went through the bag, I found a small can that was stuffed with food peels. I was sure that I needed to go through this can too, and at the bottom of it, I found the ring! It was still in the great condition it always was.

We realized that while preparing for supper the night before, the ring had gotten knocked off into some food peels that we eventually threw into the trash; however, this mistake was one that was easy to overcome with God. He made sure that even this small item continued to be a part of our abundant life.

This is just one example of how I have enjoyed victory by claiming the Word I have been taught in The Way Ministry.

I Saw Immediate Deliverance

Over the PA system, I heard my name being called to please report to the guidance counselor. It was my senior year in high school. Although I was a good student, involved in many activities, and had many friends, I had one great area of lack in my life. I was a teenage alcoholic.

My guidance counselor, who was known as the “coolest” counselor, kindly told me that he had great concern about my life because of reports that he was hearing of my dangerous behavior when I was intoxicated. Every cell in my body seemed to tingle as he laid my addiction bare before me. I realized that I had a problem and that my life was out of control.

For the next three years I tried to stop drinking. The more I focused on my need to quit, the more I turned to alcohol to help me handle the stress that imagining coping with life without alcohol produced. I was caught up in a vicious cycle and didn’t have the strength to hop off. Although I was attending college and appeared to have a fulfilled life, on the inside I was miserable and defeated.

One day my college dorm mate witnessed to me and told me about our ministry’s Foundational Class. It took me a year to finally decide to take the class, but the believers never quit on me, and neither did God.

I became born again in the class, and the craving for alcohol was gone. I was made whole spiritually, mentally, and physically, and saw immediate deliverance, much like what is recorded in the Book of Acts. My new, wonderful believing friends taught me principles from God’s Word to help me continue to enjoy my life without alcohol. One of God’s promises that means so much to me is II Timothy 1:7: “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” I have a sound mind! I have the ability to hold God’s Word in mind and act on it. I am in control of this awesomely and wonderfully made body and mind that God has given me.

It has been forty years since I took the class and I have enjoyed forty years of sobriety. When life is challenging, I run to God’s Word instead of running towards a bottle. When life is victorious, I enjoy a party in my heart between my God and I, and I celebrate with thanksgiving with my brothers and sisters in Christ.

What has God done for me because of the Word of God that I learned in The Way Ministry? He took me out of the pit, His love lifted me, He touched me, and, oh, the joy that fills my soul. I will be forever grateful to my God and to my wonderful ministry that taught me His delivering Word.

My Life Started Changing Right Away

I am very thankful for this opportunity to share with you about “What God has done for me because of the Word of God I have learned in The Way Ministry.” First of all, I am so thankful because now I am a daughter of God, born again of God’s spirit, and I have a new life!

The year before I was introduced to The Way, I felt miserable, alone, and lost, thinking that my life did not have any sense. I thought nobody could help me. I was not happy. I was a mom of two children, I was pregnant, and my marriage was not working. Because of my job, I was living in a city away from my relatives and friends. As a Catholic, I usually prayed to Mary, the saints, and many others, but my prayers were void with no answers. One day I decided to write directly to God asking for help. I wrote a letter at the back of my planner. In my prayer I said that I wanted a normal family, I wanted to be happy, and I wanted my life to be fruitful. I also wrote that I wanted to know the purpose of my life and I wanted to do something for others.

The following week my boss went on vacation, and a new person came to the company to oversee our new projects. This person was a believer. That day we worked together, and after showing him everything I was doing, he asked me if I believed in God and how much I knew about Him. I said that I believed in God, that I was a very faithful believer of the Catholic Church, and that I knew a great number of prayers by heart. Then he asked me if I had read the Bible. I said, “I don’t know anything about the Bible, but certainly I would love to learn about it.” That was the beginning of my new life!

I confessed Jesus as my lord and started going to fellowship. My life started changing right away. The eyes of my understanding were enlightened and I felt scales falling from my eyes every time I listened and understood something I had never heard before. I had so many questions and many complications in my life, but I got an answer and a solution from the Word of God for each one of them.

After I took the Foundational Class, I witnessed to a coworker and her sister; they both believed. I knocked on the door of every apartment in the neighborhood and invited people to our fellowship; I visited my hometown and talked about God to all my relatives, friends, classmates, and teachers. Some didn’t understand what was happening to me. I just wanted everyone to hear and believe the wonderful goodness of God, His great love, and everything He accomplished for us through His Son, Jesus Christ. I wanted them to be born again, to live a new life, and to change from darkness to light as it had happened to me! My life, my family, and my happiness were restored because of the Word of God that I learned and believed, and because someone cared for me and loved me. I am absolutely persuaded that anyone can live a new life by believing God’s Word, and by the knowledge of all His wonderful promises!

Grateful for This Ministry’s Research

The Way Biblical research, teaching, and fellowship ministry has given me a greater, more in-depth understanding of the Word of God. I have been delivered in many aspects of life while involving myself in this ministry.

The greatest deliverance I have received in The Way Ministry is having a clear understanding of the Word of God. Without a clear knowledge of the Word, there can be no deliverance.

One of the greatest deliverances I have received is learning that God is not the author of death. (I Corinthians 15:26) All through my Christian life, while attending other Christian ministries, I had been taught that God kills. I lived in fear and was afraid of God. I was taught that God would punish me if I was not living according to what was being taught in these ministries. My relationship with my heavenly Father was based on fear.

I was so ecstatic to learn in the foundational class on The Way of Abundance and Power that God does not kill. My heart was so blessed and I was so relieved to know that God is light and there is no darkness in Him at all! (I John 1:5) My relationship with God grew stronger, and I am now able to freely love and serve God without fear. What an awesome deliverance I received. This began my journey with The Way Ministry and a new, profound relationship with my heavenly Father.

Another deliverance I received while being a part of The Way Ministry was learning that Jesus Christ is not God. Learning this great truth opened my understanding of the importance of researching the Word for myself and not allowing myself to believe the religion and traditions of men.

II Timothy 2:15:
Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

I am so grateful for the research this ministry has made available to those who want a clearer understanding of God’s Word. I have learned so many truths about God’s Word that have enabled me to become mighty for God. This new light of learning has provided me with the key to researching the Word of God with accuracy. I now enjoy reading the Bible. I am so thankful for The Way Ministry.

God’s Word—My “Point of Beginning”

“Point of beginning” is a term used to identify the civil surveyor’s mark used as the beginning location for the wider-scale surveying of land, and it is the original point from which a land survey is initiated and described. The term has considerable historical significance for some United States boundaries and continues to be used in day-to-day civil surveying activities—and it is a great illustration of the truth of God’s Word for me. Through The Way of Abundance and Power series I learned to access truth by allowing God’s Word to be my “point of beginning.”

The fullness of God’s Word and His divine power is without measure. It gives us all things that pertain unto life and godliness (II Peter 1:3). The potential for mankind is that God has called us to glory and virtue. Obviously, the scope of God’s “survey” is BIG and WIDE.

During the first half of my life I was wonderfully exposed to the existence, presence, and reality of God as my heavenly Father. However, it’s been during this second half of my life that I have begun to understand the fullness and completeness of God’s Word and the availability to walk in its truth with spiritual power and to walk with my heavenly Father. Deliverance from different categories of physical sickness and other pitfalls of the adversary has been a benefit of that walk. This I learned in The Way of Abundance and Power series.

Selecting an accurate point of beginning for life’s choices would be important to most folks, even essential to some. With God’s Word as the source of truth, we can walk with clarity and direction. Only the true God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, has completely conveyed the path of life in written form for man’s fulfillment. His Word is the point of beginning for life’s true choices. And when we vary from the truth of our walk with God, He is faithful and just to forgive us so we can continue our walk in truth and in fellowship with Him.

“You have to start somewhere” is a common phrase of the day to get going with choices and believing action. As sons of God, we always have a point of beginning for truth in any situation of life. We let the Word of God do the talking for our decisions. We listen and do the walking.