The Class Provided Me with Tools to Live My Life

I took my first Foundational Class three years after discovering the wonderful Way Ministry.

I began the class with many expectations, as I was going through a very particular, difficult, and painful moment in my life. At that time, my husband and I were looking to be parents, which was not happening as expected and had become a nightmare. We did countless studies and medical treatments for years without positive results. This situation was plunging me into a deep sadness and a deep sense of failure and guilt.

It was in this wonderful class that I heard the teaching about the law of believing and how believing is the key to receiving. From that moment, my attitude toward this great challenge changed, so my life changed too. I began to put into practice each principle that was taught in the class. My husband and I went through all the steps that the doctors indicated with full confidence and peace that we would receive what we longed for.

We lived one day at a time with the confidence that God could and wanted to bless us. And the result was the arrival of a beautiful baby. Hearing him call me “Mommy” is proof of the immense power of God.

Every truth that was taught to me in that class had an impact and radically transformed my life. It was wonderful to discover the unconditional and unlimited love that God has for me, to discover that He wanted me healthy, happy, prosperous, and victorious. I could understand that He had chosen me as His beloved daughter. It was totally healing to know and to feel His love and to know that He never abandons me. Instead of that, He sustains and strengthens me.

God’s blessings have overflowed to us, as we are now expecting a second baby.

The Foundational Class was an ascending staircase of knowledge for me. This class brought light where there was darkness, and it provided me with tools to live my life, to be blessed, and to bless others. Being able to find these truths is an invaluable gift that we all have available.

Prayer with Like-Minded Believing

Our God Is a Faithful and Powerful God

Our son was three years old when my husband took him and his three brothers fishing. He was holding his little fishing pole and line when a gust of wind swept the unbaited hook into his little eye. Blood poured down his tiny face, and he was crying while they were speeding toward the nearest hospital when my husband instructed our oldest son to pray while he and the other young boys silently spoke in tongues. After praying, our son stopped crying and very calmly said that God was going to take care of him, so he was going to take a nap now. When they got to the hospital, they were redirected by ambulance to another hospital because the eye injury was too severe. When I joined them at the second hospital, our little boy was asleep on an operating table, awaiting a surgeon’s removal of the fishhook from his eye. I clasped his little head in my hands, and my husband stood at his feet, both of us fervently praying whilst the surgeon began. She removed the eye patch that the previous hospital had put in place to keep the injury from worsening during transport, and she gently lifted his eyelid. The hook fell away, and the doctor backed away slowly, hands up, as if she had just seen a miracle…because she had. There was no longer an injury to our son’s eye, not even a scratch. She backed out of the operating room, returning to review the reports she’d been given from the previous doctors. She had no explanation, but we did. Our God is a faithful and powerful God, and we’d been given the privilege to know Him, His goodness and grace, and the power of speaking in tongues by the teachings of The Way Ministry. We are ever humbled and are daily reminded of God’s love and power when we look into the brilliant blue eyes of our son.

God Backs Up His Word 100 Percent

Mark 11:23,24:
For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.
Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.

There I was and the mountain in front of me was a piece of equipment I had never seen before, and it was not working. My task was to troubleshoot the equipment and to get it back to normal running condition. I was given no manual and thirty minutes to perform the task—“big mountain.” Earlier that morning my wife and I got together, and we prayed with like-minded believing that no matter the situation, I was going to prevail. We did prevail. Back to the situation: I was allowed to bring any of my tools that would help me complete the task. Do you know what my best tool was? A prevailing mind-set and the believing that no matter what, God was going to back up His Word 100 percent. The task was completed with ten minutes to spare, which qualified me for an interview with a board of interviewers. I answered the questions with confidence, and got most of them right. I currently have a position working for the company I applied for and have prevailed every single day since. Thank you, Father, for helping me. With love, your son.

Believing Equals Receiving

There are many incidents in my life where I applied the Word of God that I learned from The Way Ministry. And the application of that Word yielded great fruit. I can really see God’s hand throughout in my life. It started with having a godly mom. She was not instructed in The Way Ministry, but she loves God and did the Word to the best of her ability. Looking back on that, I can see how God worked in her to protect us and provide for us. God’s blessings continued as my brother went to college, where he met a believer from The Way Ministry. The believer witnessed to my brother, and my brother witnessed to my twin brother and me. I was about sixteen years old when I took the ministry’s Foundational Class. Getting my dad’s permission and having him pay for it was a miracle. Again, I can see God’s hand in my life. It was in the Foundational Class where I learned verses like Mark 11:23 and 24.

Mark 11:23,24:
For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.
Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.

I learned that “believing equals receiving.” I soon started applying the Word I learned from The Way Ministry. I grew up with little money, getting by with my mom working at Kmart and the little jobs I would get over the summer. My goal was to go to college without taking a loan, a goal instilled by my father and supported by the Word. I learned about living within my means, getting my needs and wants parallel, and of course abundant sharing and believing.

The day my twin brother and I planned to move in to college, we packed our stuff and drove up to the college. We went to the Financial Aid Department to see if all of our grants came in. For four years of high school, I worked to get good grades, I applied to all the scholarships I could find, worked and saved my money, and prayed and believed. The task was double because of my twin brother. The office told us we could not afford the college without taking a loan.

We went into our dorm room. We just sat there looking at something we thought we could not have. With melancholy, I volunteered to not go to school and to go to work so my twin brother could go without taking a loan. I then led a prayer for God to find a way. Then my father and brother and I left the dorm and drove back home. A day or two later, we got a new financial award letter. And God found a way for both my brother and me to go to college without taking a loan. Deliverance! God is always faithful. Regarding this victory, there are so many concepts and verses that the ministry taught me that I applied, that I cannot list them all.

But the victory did not end there. I also went to graduate school to get my master’s. This time there was an added challenge that certain grants and scholarships would not be available to me anymore because this was my second degree. I used the previous victory as a model. I had to work harder, but I was committed to not taking out a loan. By God’s grace and mercy, He found a way. I got different grants and a fellowship to pay for school. Six years, two degrees, and I left school with no debt. In fact, I left having made money. God is good—my loving heavenly Father, the Father of mercies, the Almighty. Thank God for The Way Ministry that taught me the Word about believing. Because of my victories at college, I continue to reap the benefits. Since graduate school, I continue to work in a profession related to that degree. I have supported myself and my family for years living that more than abundant life!

Already Healed

In the summer of 2014, I went through an extremely harrowing experience when my husband’s heart stopped. Because of the Word of God that has been sown in my heart over many years of standing on God’s Word in The Way Ministry, I was able to believe for his recovery and to keep God’s peace in my heart during the ordeal. I was greatly supported by The Way household through their prayer, comfort, and help.

It was evening and my husband had gone to bed before me. While reading, I heard an unusual sound that, at first, I thought came from the apartment above us. But I heard it again and then again, and I knew then I had to investigate. I called my husband’s name as I went to the bedroom, but there was no response. When I turned on the light, I saw he was not breathing and his open eyes were lifeless. Immediately I put my hands on him and claimed his life in the name of Jesus Christ. Then I firmly said his name and told him, “You are not dying on me tonight!” The situation was dire, but I knew my God was bigger than what my senses saw. I called 911. How thankful I am that we “happen” to live right across the street from our firehouse and emergency medical technicians. They were there within a few minutes and began their lifesaving work. After contacting my fellowship coordinator, I rode with them to the hospital.

My fellowship and Branch coordinators stayed with me at the hospital for many long hours that night, praying with me and giving so much love and support. The doctors told me that with a cardiac arrest and not knowing just how long my husband’s brain was deprived of oxygen, it was standard procedure to put him in a coma to allow his brain to heal. They warned that there may be brain damage.

Our Branch rallied with twenty-four hour prayer and always having a believer in his room. That helped me to keep my heart peaceful so I could focus my believing on my husband’s complete deliverance. Though the doctors said we wouldn’t know about his brain function till he came out of the coma, I determined in my mind and made my confession that “his brain is already healed.” I held fast to that for the next day and a half. When they brought him out of the coma, the nurses were calling him their “miracle patient”! His recovery continued, and he was home within a week. Three months later, a follow-up test showed his heart to be completely normal.

I thank God every day for his life and for the truth of the delivering Word of God I learned in our ministry and for the household of believers who prayed and believed with me so my husband’s life continues to be a blessing as he gives and serves and teaches and lives God’s Word.

A Family Determined to See the Victory!

One of the first verses I learned when I first came to a Way Ministry fellowship was Philippians 4:19: “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”

A couple of years ago, my daughter moved to California to accept her first job. We had begun looking for housing before her move, but were told over and over again that you had to be there because they got rented so quickly. We had one week to find an apartment and get her settled. This was not an ideal way. This was an opportunity to believe God.

With the “I Can Do” attitude, we headed west. It was amazing to see how God supplied the need. As a family we were of one mind, determined to see the victory, and continued thanking God. We found the perfect apartment after four days.

Our next believing adventure was to furnish it. We found quality items at excellent prices. One thrift store was having an extra 40 percent off sale the day we purchased a Crate & Barrel table. We went to another store and found chairs that matched it perfectly. As we were driving down the street, a business had a sign taped on a bookshelf on their sidewalk—FREE. A marble lamp we purchased was the exact color of the marble top of her roommate’s table. One of her coworkers gave her a shelving unit that was a perfect match to the dining room table and chairs. Everything she needed to have in order to be settled into her new home was supplied. We got to see how God supplied her need. She could be reminded of how our heavenly Father takes care of us every time she looked around her apartment.

I’m so thankful we were able to have this verse, Philippians 4:19, cemented in our minds. It was truly a time of bonding as a family. We took a stand together on God’s Word and saw the victory. It is through this ministry that we have learned to trust God and believe that He will supply our need.

Set Free and Fulfilled at the Same Time

I am alive today because of the truth I was taught in the Foundational Class in The Way Ministry. Perhaps many families are like this: certain expectations are passed down from generation to generation. In my family, what I had seen in my parent’s generation and in my generation was that someone dies prematurely. The family I was brought up in had a deep love for God, and they were faithful to worship God. However, some thought it might be good to suffer for God. Their beliefs were based on tradition and wrong teaching rather than truth.

In my first Foundational Class I heard the truth taught.

Psalm 116:15:
Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.

A light went off in my head. I grabbed on to this promise which was explained to me. The word “precious” means “costly.”

My aunt had died at an early age with three small children to raise. I had known her and loved her. Everyone said I looked just like her. We even had the same name. All my life, it bothered me that maybe the same thing would happen to me. When I heard the truth about this verse in my early twenties, my thinking and believing began to change as I studied the truth.

I Peter 2:24:
Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed.

I learned that the Word of God had integrity and that I could claim and elevate it above what I had seen growing up. I began to understand all that Jesus Christ had accomplished for me. I began to trust my sonship rights. I learned that I had been redeemed and sanctified and justified. I learned that I was righteous. With these truths so lovingly supplied, I was no longer in bondage; I now had something to do! I had the ministry of reconciliation. So, while being set free, I found one of the sweetest jobs of my life—my lifetime “something to do” for God.

II Corinthians 5:20:
Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ’s stead, be ye reconciled to God.

I am set free and fulfilled at the same time. My service career is lived for God and in the ministry that taught me these life-changing truths. I am forever thankful.

I Told Her That I Was a Minister of the Lord Jesus Christ

Sitting in my seat toward the back of the airplane, I could see several flight attendants looking after the needs of one of the passengers near the front of the plane. Everyone in my view was focusing on the situation at hand. After the flight attendants left, I could hear the sound of a muffled cry from the passenger who had needed help. Immediately I got up from my seat, leaving all my personal belongings behind, walked to the front of the plane, and sat down next to the young lady who had been crying. I told her that I was a minister of the Lord Jesus Christ and asked if I could pray for her. She said yes as she looked at me with such surprise. After praying, I continued to sit with her until we were all instructed to prepare for landing. As I walked back to my seat, I noticed the stares of other passengers. Once I sat down and prepared for landing, the young girl who had been sitting across the aisle from me said, “Boy, I wish I could be bold like that.” I looked at her and said, “You can” and then proceeded to tell her about the power we receive when we get born again of God’s spirit. We talked all the way until we reached the baggage claim area. As we approached the area, who do you think we saw picking up her luggage?—the girl whom I had prayed for earlier. She was talking and laughing with another person as she gathered her luggage. My heart nearly exploded with joy and thankfulness—the girl was healed! Seeing this amazing change was quite a witness to the girl I had been talking to. We continued to keep in touch with each other for quite some time after this event.

Before my involvement with The Way Ministry, I would not have had the boldness, heart, believing, or the ability to help anyone like this. Because of the Word of God I have learned, heard, and seen lived over the years in this ministry, I know and believe that I am a son of God filled with power and that I can do the greater works of Jesus Christ in this day and time.

We’ve Learned How to Live Within Our Means

Malachi 3:6,10,11:
For I am the Lord, I change not….
Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.
And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes, and he shall not destroy the fruits of your ground; neither shall your vine cast her fruit before the time in the field, saith the Lord of hosts.

These verses, along with Ephesians 3:20 and Philippians 4:6 and 7, helped my husband and me get out of debt and stay out. We first took the Power for Abundant Living (PFAL) class in 1975. We had been married for two years when we found ourselves in deep debt. We were witnessed to and started going to fellowship. From that time until this day, we have tithed to The Way Ministry, and for over forty-three years we’ve learned how to live within our means by budgeting, praying, and knowing that God is good ALWAYS.

Recently we retired and moved to a new state. Our son had wanted us to move closer to him. We were not sure we could afford it, but during the two years we’ve been here, God has blessed us abundantly. So, we thought, OK. We looked at the apartments within five blocks of him and his family and decided what we wanted—a specific apartment, which is on the ground floor, and we wanted to move on a specific date. We kept checking the Internet, waiting for the apartment to be available. Then we went to fellowship later that week and prayed for the apartment and the time we wanted it. The next Sunday, we checked the Internet, and there was our apartment. Needless to say, God took care of our need and want, and we moved in by that specific date.

We are so very thankful for everyone that serves at The Way International Headquarters and for the Word of God we have learned in the classes we have taken. God has met all our needs.

With God I Can Have Victory

I moved to a new area from out of state to take a new job. This job was an advancement in my career, which I had been working toward. Not long after I started my new job, two coworkers invited me to their household fellowship. I began to attend fellowship faithfully and not long after was able to take the Foundational Class two times in an eight-week period. I was so thrilled with this knowledge from God’s Word that I signed up for the Word Over the World Ambassador program. After learning how good God is, my only logical conclusion was to tell as many people as I could. Now, within six months of taking this job, I found myself leaving it for the advancement of God’s Word.

I was packing my car, preparing for our fellowship’s trip together to the Rock of Ages. On one of my trips carrying stuff to the car, a bee flew down from the rafters of the garage and stung me on the side of the face. I had not been stung since I was about eight years old. That time I was taken to the hospital because of swelling and because I passed out. This time, I went into the house, ran cold water on my face, and prayed. Then I kept packing my car, occasionally checking myself to find no swelling and no ill effect, except the tiny red hole where I had been stung.

As I was working, I realized it was getting very close to noon. I had to get to the bank to close my bank account. On my way to the bank, the clutch went out on my car. I recognized it immediately, jumped out, and hitchhiked the rest of the way to the bank and made it there before it closed. When I got back to my car, I headed south of town, limping my car to a local repair shop. It was a junkyard that did full restorations and repairs on the type of car I had. When I arrived, I rolled right into their service building.

I knew the two men that worked there. I had been there a couple of times before, looking for parts for my car. I told the owner I needed a clutch put in. He said, “We’re closed.” (His coworker was shuffling around the building, closing doors and turning off lights.) This car’s engine was located in the back of the car. We were each kneeling on one knee behind the car with the engine door up as I was explaining my situation to him. I explained to him that I was moving out of town at the end of the day, I had emptied my bank account, and all of my necessary worldly possessions were inside of my car. He said, “We’re closed.”

I then said, “Okay, this is what’s really happening….” I explained to him that I was leaving to go to Ohio to be trained and sent out to speak God’s Word. I do not recall all of the things I said to him about the goodness of God and my commissioning to stand and speak for Him, but I remember distinctly concluding my explanation saying, “And my adversary, the Devil, is trying to stop me.” He kept looking at me as he yelled to his coworker, “Hey, George, we’re putting a clutch in over here.”

I was on the road less than an hour later.

Throughout my life, I had always known that God loved me and cared about me, even though I recognized I didn’t always live a godly lifestyle. The Foundational Class showed me from God’s Word how much God loved me and how He is good always. For years I had heard people say that God did evil things to people to teach them lessons. This never seemed right to me. Now the ministry showed me from God’s own Word how good He is. So the attacks on my life that day were not “God testing me” to see if I would do His will or “signs from heaven” to stop me from making a commitment to the ministry. Instead, this experience confirmed what I had learned from God’s Word in the last few weeks—that with God I can have victory no matter the circumstances, and speaking the Word brings results!

Living with Peace

This Was My Answer to Prayer!

The Way Ministry was an answer to prayer for me. As a nineteen-year-old in 1975, I had a lot of unanswered questions about God. I was searching for those answers in my church and even traveled to Europe with a group to learn more about God, but came home disappointed. After that trip, I was staying at my parents’ farm for the summer between college years. One day, in frustration, I got on my bicycle and rode out on the country roads, pouring my heart out to God.

“There has got to be some way to get to know You and understand the Bible. There are so many churches with so many ideas, but only one You with one way of thinking. How do I find out what that is?” Then I was quiet, and I heard, “I will teach you My Word like you’ve never heard before.” A few days later, a believer with The Way Ministry came into my summer workplace with his Bible, and we got into a conversation about God.

Less than a month later, I was sitting through the Foundational Class, hearing the Word taught like I’d never heard before. I was thrilled—this was my answer to prayer. God and His Word were finally making sense to me—the law of believing, who Jesus Christ really is, what happens when people die, keys to the Word’s interpretation, and so much more!

And even after all these years, my heart still thrills when the accuracy of the Word is taught. What a joy to live life having answers and the peace that those answers bring. And what a privilege to bring those same answers to others, so they, too, can live this awesome, abundant life.

God Is with Me

I have learned that I can walk in this world with total peace of mind and a secure confidence that God is with me in any and every situation. God and I make a majority, and with His wisdom and guidance there is nothing I may encounter where I will not be victorious in my efforts.