We Never Got Anxious and God Met Our Need

From very early in my walk with The Way Ministry, I have been taught not to get anxious about anything. I have always endeavored to apply this in my life and have seen the benefits over the years.

Recently, my wife and I made the decision to change our place of residence because we are now fully retired and do not need the amount of living space that we had, and of course we needed to reduce our expenses further. We drew up a wish list and sent it out to real estate agents. As we began to receive responses, we experienced a challenge with our vehicle that resulted in it being unusable for about ten days.

The day after the repaired vehicle was delivered to us, we had to go to the bank to transact some urgent business. After our business was concluded, we decided to drive through two nearby residential areas to look at an apartment building that a friend had recently moved into and to look for rental signs. As soon as we drove into the second area, we saw a house with a rental sign on it. We made a note and continued our drive through the area.

On our return home, I started looking again at the offers that had been made to us. I saw an offer for an apartment in the second area that we had visited, and I called the real estate agent. We arranged to call the real estate agent back in a few days. Still on our return home, we again compared our wish list to the actual apartment.

We made the decision to meet with the real estate agent and the landlord a few days later in order to discuss a couple of trade-offs. The landlord agreed to the trade-offs, and we made arrangements for a draft tenancy agreement to be forwarded to us. On receipt of the tenancy agreement, we requested one addition for our protection. The landlord agreed to the insertion, and we made arrangements to sign the tenancy agreement and make the security deposit a few days later.

While the tenancy agreement did not prevent us from having fellowship meetings at home, we still wanted to discuss it with the landlord before signing the tenancy agreement. We were blessed to find out that the landlord was involved in “fellowship” at different homes and had no objection to us having our fellowship meetings at home. We signed the tenancy agreement and paid our security deposit.

We are blessed to be moving to a new area and look forward to open doors to speak God’s Word. The other tenant in the building is someone who we met in 1980. We have always exchanged pleasantries when we meet. We know some of the neighbors from having interacted with them over the years.

Though our car was in the garage at a crucial time in our home search, we never got anxious. God met our need, and we look forward to Him meeting our need as we move to exercise our ministry of reconciliation.

A Complete Metamorphosis

What God has done for me because of the Word of God I have learned in our ministry is hard to pinpoint as one incident because it is an amalgamation of incidents that happen every day as I put God first in my life.

The biggest thing God has done for me would be helping me learn from the first days of going to a household fellowship Who my heavenly Father is and how I can put Him first in my life. Hosea 4:6 states, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge….” I was this way before I was invited to a fellowship in The Way Ministry. I didn’t even understand that there were blessings for putting God first in my life! For me it was a complete metamorphosis from acting, living, and behaving one way, to then attending my first Way Ministry fellowship and seeing The Way Corps that ran that fellowship (and Branch), and then wanting to imitate and live life like those two believers were living at that time. I think back to that time, almost thirty years ago. After six weeks of fellowshipping with the believers at that local fellowship, I was a completely changed person. I didn’t recognize myself at all, and that was a good thing!

Up to that time, from a senses point of view, I was a successful and outwardly happy man. But on the inside, I was full of fear and anxiety about just about everything in my life. Therefore Hosea 4:6 rang so true to my heart because I was being destroyed by a lack of knowledge—and I didn’t even know it!

I wake up every day learning more about how to put God first in my life, and for that I will always be thankful to God and for The Way Ministry. I have found that putting God first in my life and living the Word of God to the best of my ability makes new incidents every day on “what God has done for me because of the Word of God I learned in The Way Ministry.”

God’s All-Encompassing Blessings

God Will Take Care of Every Aspect of My Life

To isolate a single incident in the last forty years of what God has done for me would be impossible. I have seen healings, deliverance, and victories over and over again. So, what I have determined is that when recognizing what God has done, I need to see it as all-encompassing.

The biggest thing I have seen is that God, when I do His Word, will take care of every aspect of my life. This includes not only the big things (to me) like being given a car when I have no transportation, healing my daughter from a subdural hematoma, or restoring the sight of a fellow believer by me just praying for him after a welding incident, but it also includes the day-by-day things that could be considered insignificant: things like having a parking place open when it’s raining or stopping to talk to someone to find out they have plurality that meets a need I have and vice versa.

What that means to me is that every hour of every day I can see that God accomplishes many huge things in the lives of many individuals, but is also intimately concerned with the smallest things to increase the quality of life of His children.

The biggest thing I have seen over the years is to recognize the little things and rejoice in what God does for me on a personal level.

My Life Has Been Blessed!

I have experienced a life that is more than abundant because of the Word of God I have learned in The Way Ministry. My life has been blessed in many categories due to the Word of God that I have learned. I can make this declaration because of many victorious incidents over the last thirty-five plus years of my life.

  • I have had many opportunities to serve in the household of God in both support and leadership positions, which has been very satisfying and enjoyable.
  • Because I learned to faithfully practice tithing and abundant sharing, I have seen my family’s need met in so many instances that I cannot remember them all.
  • God blesses me and my family because I know how to pray perfectly and fervently.
  • I have learned how to read, research, and teach the Word of God to myself and to others.
  • I understand how the adversary moves in the world and how to rely upon my heavenly Father for and in all things.
  • I know that God loves me, and I know all that He made available to me through His Son, Jesus Christ.
  • And I have the hope of Christ’s return that continues to motivate me each day.

These and other things I have learned because of the Word of God taught and presented by The Way Ministry. May the work of The Way Ministry continue for another seventy-five years, should the lord tarry.

Growing and Learning in the Household of Believers

More Than Grateful

I am more than grateful that I have the opportunity to be a part of this great ministry of The Way and have the blessing to fellowship with other faithful believers who hunger and thirst for the truth of the Word. I am thankful that I continue to stay in the Word, as it made me realize how big our God is. The more I take believing action, the more I see the excellence of God’s power in my life. Reading the Word daily, speaking in tongues, and renewing my mind continually have helped me grow spiritually and build a sense of discipline that manifests itself in other aspects of my life.

I am thankful to be part of this ministry, as I have learned to love and serve others according to the Word. I have learned to have discernment and to be more spiritually aware. It is refreshing to know that believers of the ministry function together and are a source of support for one another in time of need.

Learning and Growing in Each Stage of My Life

I have the joy and the huge blessing of telling you in these words the wonderful experience that it was for me to get to know the great and matchless Word of God.

Seven years have gone by since I graduated from the Foundational Class. During that time, I must say with great joy that I have witnessed the powerful hand of God working day by day in my life and the life of my family.

I have had the opportunity to serve God and the household in many ways. The first year after I graduated from the class, I began to faithfully attend fellowship. I had a fervent desire to learn the Word more and more. At the beginning, there were promises that I could quickly believe and manifest in my walk, like the one declared in Philippians 4:19: “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” In that context, God went beyond all my expectations, and He prospered me as soon as I received my teaching degree, granting me a job with excellent working conditions and salary.

I was blessed not only in the professional and work category, but also God gave me the opportunity to grow and serve in the household, sharing of my skills in music by way of accompanying hymns and songs with the guitar in my household fellowship. As time went by, as I was building more Biblical understanding, I was able to serve in my fellowship as an assistant, supporting my household fellowship coordinator in multiple tasks, and I also had the privilege of teaching the Word of God on some occasions.

And as the Bible states in Genesis 2:18: “…It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.” God gave me a great believing woman, a life partner from whom I learned a lot, with whom I could continue to grow, to the point that we could serve God as a married couple. We coordinated a household fellowship, and then with the arrival of our little daughter, we continued to serve as a believing family in one of the southernmost fellowships of our vast and beautiful country.

I thank God for enlightening and guiding my path toward what is right, for giving me security and hope, and I thank The Way Ministry for having given me the tools to deal with the spiritual competition and be more than a conqueror, and for the opportunity to continue learning and growing spiritually in each stage of my life.

No Foolishness, Just Wonderful, Inspiring Messages

From the earliest time I can remember, I have had a curiosity and hunger for learning that continues even now in my senior years. I would follow my mother around the house and help her with her chores just to listen to her talk and teach me about what she was doing. I would copy her, as well as my older sister, because I was interested in what they were doing. Some of the things I learned from them were cooking, sewing, art, and being detail minded. This love of learning continued through my school years, and I was very academically minded. I would often pursue things on my own that I was curious about, like the constellations in the night sky. I learned to identify most of them in the summer sky, the winter in my area being too cold to spend time outside at night.

I was brought up in a Christian church and considered myself a good Christian, but I didn’t have a good knowledge of the Bible, and although I was curious about it and tried reading it starting from Genesis, I didn’t get very far. So, one day during my college years, I decided to try reading it again. This time I started with Matthew. Up until then, I had only heard bits and pieces of scripture verses. I had never seen anything in context. How eye-opening it was to see the bigger picture of the life of Jesus Christ and his death on the cross and his resurrection! For the first time, I really believed what the Bible says, and I know that was when I got born again.

After that, I knew something was different about me, and I wanted to know more but didn’t know where to turn. Eventually I graduated from college and moved to another city to be out on my own. During that time, I tried several different churches, one of which operated speaking in tongues. That was new to me! It was clearly something supernatural, and with the help of leadership in that church, I tried to speak in tongues. But nothing happened. They assured me that it would come over me, but it didn’t. This was probably because I didn’t want to lose control and look foolish like many of the people in that church looked to me.

Then one day I heard a group of people singing songs outside near the apartment where I was living. I went out to see who they were, and they told me they were from The Way Ministry. They invited me to fellowship, and my first fellowship was so different from any church I had ever attended. They were all young adults like myself, and although the setting was casual and in an apartment near mine, when they taught the Word, it was with authority and certainty like I had never heard before. And when they spoke in tongues and interpreted, it was clear that they were in control. There was no foolishness, just wonderful, inspiring messages.

I continued going to fellowship, and one day I told someone that I wanted to speak in tongues. She loaned me the Receiving the Holy Spirit Today book, and I was so excited that I went home and read it that night and spoke in tongues for the first time! I just needed to know that it was up to me to do the speaking. I didn’t need to wait to be pushed into it. I was so thankful to receive my answer about how to speak in tongues. I then sat through the Foundational Class, and it opened to me the accuracy of the Word of God, enabling me to read the Bible and understand it.

Since that time over forty years ago, my curiosity has never abated. I still love learning and reading, especially when it comes to the Word of God. I love seeing the Word fit together so that there is no guessing about what it means. God’s Word is His will, and He never changes.

Living Fearlessly

A Total Lack of Fear as I Go through My Life

It is difficult to put into words what this ministry has done for me, as I know that everything good in my life is a direct result of my walk with God and the truth I have learned in The Way. Something that I know separates me from my friends is my total lack of fear as I go through my life day-to-day. Being raised in the Word has done that for me. I remember as a young child playing with my parents and how they would teach us the Word in every way they could. They would say, “If God be for us, who can be against us?” And we would joyfully yell back, “No one! No one! No one!” I have carried that kind of enthusiastic joy for the Word throughout my whole life. It was ingrained in me at such a young age to do the Word, and I am endlessly thankful for it. I could go on and on about how the ministry has impacted my life, but it all comes back to the truth of the Word that I know.

Strengthened and No Longer Challenged

In the forty-one years since I took the Power for Abundant Living class, I have learned many things from God’s Word that have helped me overcome fear in many areas of my life. I would say that the number one thing that this ministry has taught me from God’s Word is how to overcome fear.

One incident that comes to mind is when I was twenty-four and living in another country. I was walking from the bus stop to my home. I was alone and it was nighttime and the street was dark. A car zoomed by me, and a young man yelled out the window at me. The first thought that came to my mind was, “I am safe because my God is protecting me and will take care of me.” My heart was at peace, and I knew I could go anywhere that I needed to because I remembered God’s Word in II Timothy 1:7:

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

With the knowledge of God’s Word comes the truth, and once I know what the truth is in a specific area of life, I can then experience peace. Not only have I had all my questions answered about those areas that troubled me and received deliverance, but I also feel strengthened and no longer feel challenged by them.

The reason I have stayed with this ministry for this long is because I get answers from God’s Word via the ministry’s thorough teachings, Sunday Teaching Service CDs and DVDs, and The Way Magazine. The Word of God is the priority, and the integrity of the Word is of utmost importance for The Way Ministry. As I get older, I notice that because of the Word that I have been taught, I don’t have the emotional baggage nor the scars that other people carry with them because they do not know the truth of the Word.

I am very thankful for this ministry because it taught me the Word of God in a way that made sense and showed me how to practically apply it in my life. Because of this, I have lived a fulfilling and peaceful life. Life still has its challenges, of course, but when the challenges do come, I know from God’s Word that I do have the victory and have the ability to overcome.

Snatching Victory from the Jaws of Defeat

I am very thankful for The Way International and the Word that it has taught. I took my first Foundational Class forty years ago, and I am currently celebrating my fortieth year standing with this ministry. God has worked in my life many times in that period, and He performed several miracles before that to get me to the place where I was witnessed to.

Thirty years ago I graduated into The Way Corps. Even to this day, I draw upon what I have learned in The Way Corps to benefit my life and the lives of others. What I learned in The Way Corps literally saved my life in a big way fifteen years ago.

I was working at a newspaper, first writing obituaries, then real estate ads. It was getting harder and harder to type. My pinky finger on my left hand kept hitting the Caps Lock key. I also noticed a tremor in my hand. I was laid off of that job and started living with my mother. She was eighty years old and needed the extra help. As my manner was, I would study the Word, recite retemory verses, and listen to the Sunday service teachings faithfully, as well as read The Way Magazine.

During this time, it was noticeable that my whole personality and demeanor was slowing down. I went to a Limb meeting at a state park. As I walked around taking pictures, the believers were asking each other if I had experienced a stroke. I was walking differently. I found it unusual that I couldn’t button up my jacket. One of the believers helped me with it. In the days following, this believer called my mother and exhorted her to take me to the doctor.

I would wake up every morning with tremors in both hands. I was starting to have trouble walking around. My mother would have to walk with me and hold on to me so I wouldn’t fall down. She eventually would have to dress me and put me to bed. I had many doctor visits. I kept three-by-five-inch cards in my purse to study while in the waiting room. I wanted to fill my mind with the Word because I was taught in The Way Corps that the brain was designed to hold the Word of God. It was also a way of keeping fear out of my life. I put my thoughts on the Word so that I wouldn’t dwell on my situation. I was scheduled for an MRI. I wanted them to see a brain the way God designed it, full of the Word, when they looked at the MRI results.

The MRI machine was intimidating, with the loud noise it made and with the feeling of being in a tube that it gave me. To keep my mind from reverting to fear, I would recite retemories and speak in tongues. I would not let my mind give in to fear. This was highly effective. When they took me out, the woman asked me, “How do you stay so calm?” There was no fear exhibited on the scan, and they wondered at that. The Word of God works!

After the MRI, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. This is a brain tumor that sits on top of the brain. They told me it had been there for many years.

I wondered, “How could this be?” I had been in the Word for decades, and I was as faithful as I knew how to be. I had gone out as a Word Over the World (WOW) Ambassador, completed The Way Corps training, and was faithfully running a fellowship for what totaled seven years. Isn’t God good always? I talked to someone whose opinion I trusted. He had previously been my fellowship coordinator and was a Way Corps Alumnus. He said, “Satan strikes with a continual stroke.” This statement helped me and reassured me that Satan may have brought it, but God was going to deliver me out of this. God’s solution was what I sought for this problem.

I endeavored to put the Word on in my thinking more and more. The Sunday Night Services that summer featured a series on Job: From Victim to Victor. It was about snatching victory from the jaws of defeat! I made that my theme. I was going to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Satan thought he would defeat me, but God would deliver me.

The four steps to renewing the mind were what I worked and lived:

  1. Study the Word of God.
  2. Recognize our position in Christ as sons of God.
  3. Practice the presence of God.
  4. Live with the love of God in the renewed mind in manifestation.

Once I was diagnosed, I was scheduled for brain surgery to remove the tumor. When surgery time came, there was a massive blackout that affected many states in my part of the country and part of Canada. This lasted for one to two days, and surgery was postponed a week.

I finally had the surgery. I was really scared going in there. I fought my fear by reciting I John 4:18 and II Timothy 1:7 nonstop, one after another, over and over again. I wanted power, love, and a sound mind. When they were prepping me for surgery, I was reciting the retemories out loud. The nurse looked at me quizzically, and I said, “It’s OK. This is how I meditate.”

The surgery took several hours, but it was effective. The tumor was on top of the brain, and it was plucked out like a piece of fruit. The actual size, I heard, was anywhere from the size of a plum to an orange. Pathology showed no cancer present.

Recovery time in the hospital helped me build my relationship with God. I knew God had me in the palm of His hand, and I practiced the presence of God. I spoke in tongues much because God knew what was going on behind the scenes and I didn’t. I wanted to recover fully. I got the Bible from the room and looked at it. I said, “Great, I can still read.” I strove to read the Word every day, and when I couldn’t read it, I recited my retemories. Mostly I talked to God. Job received his deliverance when he prayed for his friends. I prayed for every single person in our whole Branch. Job received double when his ordeal was all over. I told God, “I want double.” Little did I know that there was a man who would write a letter to me that would arrive two weeks after my hospital stay who would later become my husband! We have been faithful fellowship coordinators for the past ten years.

God completely delivered me from that brain tumor. I found out later that if I had waited much longer to have the surgery than I did, I would not have lived too much longer. I came through the surgery and was faithful to my physical therapy. I am stronger than I ever was physically, and my eyesight even got better! Looking at me today, people don’t believe it ever happened. I am a walking example of God’s grace and deliverance.

I continue to put God’s Word in my mind and teach people that the renewed mind is the key to power, that God is good always, and the value of putting God’s Word in their minds and hearts. I tell them that by doing and recognizing these things, they also can snatch victory from the jaws of defeat!

Excited About Doing God’s Will

I Was Ready to Learn What God Says I Can Do

I didn’t have much experience or background going to church when I was growing up. When my dad came back into my life after we spent several years apart, he taught me the Word of God. He showed me from the Scriptures a lot of exciting things, things I never remembered hearing at church. The years my dad and I were apart, he started going to a Way Ministry fellowship. All the things he taught me when I first started learning the Word were from ministry books or classes. I learned Philippians 4:13: “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”

I can do what the Word of God says I can do! How exciting! What a turning point in my life. At that moment, when I was taught Philippians 4:13, I was ready to learn what God says I can do. That was thirty years ago, and I have learned so many things I can do. One of my favorite things I learned I can do is manifest the gift of holy spirit. Learning about all nine manifestations was amazing! I can operate all nine manifestations. I can pray perfectly!

I’m excited to say I am still learning more of the great things God says I can do.

She Was Brought Back to Life

After taking the Advanced Class in 1979, I was excited to go about doing God’s will, especially at my work. I am a registered nurse. At that time, I worked on a medical-surgical patient-care floor.

One day, a licensed practical nurse (LPN) and I were passing out lunch trays to all of our patients. We walked into a room and the little old lady in it appeared to be asleep. The LPN called her name. Then she touched her and took her pulse. None. No breathing. No sign of life.

I couldn’t recall if this lady was to be resuscitated if she coded. To verify that information, I would have to go quickly to the nurse’s station and look at the current doctor’s orders on this lady. This information was at the other end of the hallway.

But rather than doing that, while the LPN was watching, I turned and looked out the window. In that quick second, I was inspired to do this: I turned back to the patient, and without even touching her, I said, “Wake up,” in a firm tone.

She did. She was brought back to life. It was so natural, as if we all expected it. I had. We gave her the lunch ordered for her and went about our day’s work.

God is so good.

I Needed to Learn the Word of God Taught in That Class

I started attending Way Ministry household fellowships during my last year of college. I was going to school full-time, and I was working part-time: nights and weekends. I wanted to take the Foundational Class, but between school, work, and studying, I could not see how I could do it. I didn’t have the money nor the time.

When a Foundational Class presentation came up, I went to it in spite of thinking there was no way I could be in the next class. The Word of God taught during that presentation set my heart on fire. I learned that Jesus Christ came so that we could have a more abundant life and that God answers prayer when we pray according to His Word and believe. I decided that I needed to learn the Word of God taught in that class in order to live with power and abundance. After the power-packed teaching, I learned that a class was starting in a few days. I would need to have my fee paid and make a commitment to be at each session (evenings and weekends) by the next day.

On the drive home, all I could think about was, who can I borrow money from? And how could I get the time off from my new job? Then I remembered the powerful Word I had just heard.

Ephesians 3:20:
Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.

Philippians 4:19:
But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

During that drive home, I said to the friend who was undershepherding me, “I know God is going to get me the money I need tonight.” When we got to my apartment, I checked my mailbox, and there was a letter. In the letter was a check for the exact amount I needed to register for the class! And when I went to work the next evening, I told my supervisor about the wonderful class I needed to be in and the evenings and weekend days I needed off. After previously warning all of us part-time employees not to even ask for any time off during the busy holiday season, she said, “OK, I can make it work”!

When we believe God’s Word, claim His promises, and walk out with boldness, our loving heavenly Father meets our every need every time.

The True Way, Jesus Christ

The ministry of The Way helped me not only to get born again, but also to know the true God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In fact, since I have been young, I have heard about John 14:12: “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.” But I did not notice anything special in knowing this verse. So I began to seek God to find the truth about this statement among different churches, denominational and nondenominational groups, but nothing was satisfying.

The trick of the adversary was to make me think, through a group with devilish practices that I joined, that Jesus Christ was a kind of mystic who did not teach his secrets in the Bible. His secrets were esoteric. I followed that way and I seemed to be very successful in various aspects of my life. Nevertheless, deep in my heart, I felt that the truth was not there.

I did several things. I prayed to men, nature, and many other things until my wife got involved with the ministry of The Way and witnessed to me. However, I could not commit to take the foundational class on Power for Abundant Living because I was held back in that group with people telling me that if I left the devilish practices, snakes, toads, and all kinds of misfortunes would come my way, and my condition would become worse!

A faithful believer, who is today a Way Corps minister, accurately expounded to me the Word of God. It was not easy to receive, because I was in chains. I finally took the Foundational Class. Not only did I not see snakes and toads in my life, but I was able to experience the new birth. Three teachings are the reason why I am still standing in The Way Ministry today:

  1. The Word of God is the will of God
  2. True worship (speaking in tongues and its benefits)
  3. Discerning of spirits (from the Advanced Class)

Today, despite the attacks of the adversary, I will not give up. I will always be thankful to God for His deliverance and His direction that led me to this ministry of The Way to enjoy His promises.

The ministry of The Way truly delivers and brings men and women to the true way, Jesus Christ.