We Knew That We Were Doing Not Our Work, But the Work of God

Please enjoy this sharing from a person who served as a Way Ambassador in an International Outreach Country.

During the Way Ambassador program, I was able to see how hungry and thirsty this world is for the Word, and even more, how this world needs men and women to stand up and decide to go out and serve God’s Word in this great experience that is open to us.

During the nine months several facts allowed us to see the power of God in manifestation, especially two facts from the first days of the program. First fact, on the very first day, we had made an appointment in the afternoon to start reaching out. We witnessed an act that allowed us to see that God was with us and that He Himself had already reserved hearts willing to receive His Word. Indeed, as soon as we went out, we met a man who seemed lost. Then, approaching me, he asked if the path on which he was walking led to the main road. I said, “Yes! Going straight you will come across the main road.” Despite this, he seemed even more lost and preoccupied. It was at this moment that I was inspired to say to him the following sentence: “Or else you are looking for me? If so, you have arrived where you are supposed to be.” It was up to him to answer me, and he did with a smile, “Ha bon! What do you mean?” I replied, “Yes, we were going out to share the Word with the neighborhood, and we came across you who does not seem to know where to go. Can you give us a moment to share God’s Word?” He replied with a big smile and OK. He was the very first person we met, and do you know what? This gentleman was born again and attended our family fellowship the same evening. He was truly so blessed and edified by the Word, that he continued to come regularly to fellowship, and soon his wife began to follow him. This testimony was really the element that allowed us to carry out a campaign of victory, because we knew from that moment that we were doing not our work, but the work of God, and that He was present with us.

Another fact, also at the beginning of the program, is that we braved the weather. Indeed, the month of August, which corresponded to the month of launch of the program, is generally the rainiest in our city. One Saturday morning as we went out to witness door-to-door, we were confronted with this reality. We organized ourselves into teams of two with an umbrella for each team. We did not want to allow circumstances to stop us especially after the first testimony we had. However, the additional difficulty was that it rained intermittently. So we decided to make this a strength and we asked God this: “Father, whenever this rain resumes, let it find us sheltered, in the comfort of a home sharing Your Word.” God answered our prayer!

There are so many other facts that have strengthened us throughout this program. Testimonies of healing, family reconciliations, and the culmination was the official opening of a new home fellowship in our area. On a personal level, I am blessed in every way but even more so, I approach the spiritual competition with more confidence. God has done and continues to do great things in my life, and I know more than ever that He cares about the details of my life.

God Certainly Blessed Our Believing Action

My husband had a forty-five-minute commute to work through heavy traffic in a large city. We both agreed that it would be best for our family if we moved across town to make his commute shorter. We also needed a home with better parking to meet the needs of running a Branch and home fellowship for the ministry. My husband asked me to take on the task of finding us a new home that met our needs in the area we wanted. I happily agreed! The first thing I did was get clear and concerned like I have practiced for many years since taking my first Foundational Class, and I made a list of all the things we were looking for in a home. Some of the things on the checklist were: ample parking for fellowships and classes, enough room inside to run classes for the Branch, a guest room and office, a family-oriented neighborhood, and a community pool for our son to learn to swim and make friends. I then began the search online for homes for rent in the area to which we wanted to relocate. The choices were sparse, but I finally came across one that partially fit our criteria. It didn’t have all the things we were looking for, and going to see it was really a long shot, but because it was the only one I could find in the area where we wanted to move to, we decided to take believing action and take a look at the home.

I got in my van with my eighteen-month-old son and started the drive across town to see this home for rent. As I was driving, I began to get more convinced about the need to move so my husband didn’t have to drive through all of this heavy traffic. I arrived at the house early and sat outside waiting for my husband, who would be meeting me on his lunch hour. I wasn’t very impressed looking at the house from the outside and wasn’t even sure I wanted to go inside. As I was waiting, one of the neighbors came outside. I decided to get out of the car and ask him some questions about the house and the neighborhood. He was a very nice gentleman. After he filled me in on the area, he told me that if we don’t like the house we came to see, he had a beautiful home for rent right down the road if we wanted to go take a look. I was so excited at the possibility of going to see his rental home because the one in front of me was NOT very appealing.

Shortly after my husband arrived, we decided the house we came to look at wasn’t going to work for us and we didn’t even need to go inside it. So, we asked the neighbor if we could go see his home for rent instead. We got in our cars and followed him down the street. As we pulled up to the house, I knew right away this was going to be our new home! It was lovely and had EVERYTHING we needed to be able to run a fellowship and Branch from our home. All the items on our list were checked! It was Ephesians 3:20! It was above and beyond what we were looking for. God certainly blessed our believing action as we took steps in looking for a home. We never would have found this home had we not gone to look at the first one, even though it didn’t match all the criteria.

As we stay faithful to do all we know to do, God brings to pass the desires of our heart! We enjoyed living in that home for eight years and ran many fellowships and classes, and the community pool became a center of outreach for us as well. It was a wonderful home for us to move the Word together as a family!

We Truly Have a Big God!

During my time as a Way Ambassador, I saw God go to work to bring us the victory in many ways. One specific incident occurred at my job, where one of my coworkers had registered for our Power for Abundant Living Today class, but was not able to get her shift covered all the way up to the day before the start of the class. We had prayed with her in the week leading up to the first session and assured her that God would absolutely provide a way to cover for her so she could learn more about Him!

The day before the class, she still had no one to take her shift and was discouraged that she’d have to miss the session. That’s when I realized that although I wasn’t fully trained in her position, I had learned a lot of it doing my own job. It was an early morning to mid-afternoon shift, so I offered to step in for her shift if she could train me for the first few hours, and then she could leave part way through to get ready for the class. She was fearful that our managers would not be pleased with this sudden switch up, especially because I didn’t have her full training. But my teammate reminded her that since she was making God her priority, He would take care of her every need. With that, she called her manager, who was known for being inflexible, and asked if I could take over the shift. The manager, suddenly amicable, agreed, saying that she would inform the other leadership of this schedule change via a written note.

Early the next morning, I drove to work fully convinced that God would help take care of any details that came up. When I arrived, I saw my coworker walking to the worker entrance and caught up to her. I cheerfully greeted her, but she looked at me with worry, saying that she didn’t want her or me to get in trouble for changing the scheduling even with permission. I understood where she was coming from, but I fully believed that God wanted her to be in the Bible study class she had committed to be in, and that she didn’t have to be afraid of others trying to come between God and her. I told her this, and then we walked into the office together.

As soon as we entered, a different manager greeted us and asked why I was there. We explained the situation, but the manager was conflicted. Apparently, she had not received the written note confirming our schedule changes. I simply smiled at the manager and told her that I already had some training in the job, and that I was fully willing and able to learn anything required to complete the tasks. She looked at me for a moment, and then agreed so long as the work got done. My coworker started teaching me the finer details of her job, and I joyfully worked alongside her. A few times she voiced her worries about getting in trouble, but I kept assuring her that God was more than big enough to take care of any issues, and told her about Romans 8:28.

Later, the manager that had originally agreed to the schedule changes approached us with a troubled look. As she did, I was completely peaceful and thanked God for a resolution to the miscommunication that had happened earlier. When she reached us, it was not to reprimand us, but to apologize for her not properly passing along the information to the other leaders. She asked why I wanted to cover the shift, and I explained that my coworker had signed up for a Bible study class to get to know God better. She replied with a smile, “I’m all for people getting closer to God!” With that, we happily continued working, and my coworker was able to leave and make it to the first session of the class.

After she had gone, I learned that the workload was nearly halved because a supply truck had not made it to our building that morning. Because of this, despite my lack of experience, I was able to complete the work in place of my coworker. I was thrilled to see God help my coworker overcome this challenge so that she could understand His Word for herself better than ever! We truly have a big God!

God Delivers

My Life Turned Around for the Better

I was born into a family that was already vitally involved in The Way Ministry and was raised to love and respect God and His Word. My parents were wonderful, and gave their all to see that my sister and I would have God’s best. As I grew older, I began to lose touch with some of the valuable lessons in living that I had learned from them because of worldly distractions that I was allowing to enter my life. At the age of nineteen, life was no longer joyful. I turned inward and became a burden to myself. I felt that I was also becoming a burden to my family, so much so that one day I took my car to the gas station, filled up the fuel tank, and hit the road with the intention of running away from it all. As I got onto the highway and began heading down the road, all I could think about was how wonderful my family was and how much God had blessed them through the years. I thought, “I cannot run away from them. This is selfish of me.” I thought about how much they enjoyed life, and I wanted to enjoy life like that too. During that time in my car driving down the highway, I realized that’s what I needed. I needed to get back to the practical lessons in living from the Word of God that my parents had learned in The Way Ministry and had passed down to my sister and me. I turned the car around, and that was the day my life turned around for the better. It was not long after this that I began to take every class the ministry had to offer and flooded my heart with the Word of God. Within a year of the time that I had considered running away, I participated in The Way’s outreach program and was reaching out to others with God’s delivering Word. These many years later, I have a family of my own and I am living an enriching life of service, raising my children with the same heart, love, and Word of God that my parents used to raise my sister and me.

God Heard Me

As a teen and a young adult, I was addicted to drama. I loved confusion, and I finally realized that the way I was thinking and living was not working. I didn’t have any answers and I was miserable. I poured my heart out to God even though I wasn’t sure He existed, and He heard me. While I was in a college class, an ambassador for Christ got my attention. He started sharing God’s Word with me, and I attended my first fellowship with The Way. When I heard speaking in tongues, I knew God was there, and I haven’t left ever since. God’s Word is the healer of unsound thinking. II Timothy 1:7 says, “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” That’s what The Way Ministry did for me. It taught me God’s Word. I learned to apply it and see God’s deliverance, which is His will for all mankind, and I’m so thankful.

In Their Own Words: Way Ambassadors around the World

“One day a man who had a partial paralysis in half his body arrived at the place where fellowship is made. He had heard from the Way Ambassadors and asked for help in receiving healing. We immediately prayed for him, and at that moment his face, eyes, and hands regained their mobility.”

“Through the program, I learned to serve others with the simplicity of the Word. I was even able to minister the Word to my family from a distance.”

“A young woman who had been diagnosed with a severe deviation in the spine, and had been told by doctors that she needed an urgent operation, believed and received total healing. By understanding the Word, she declared, ‘I am healthy because of what Jesus Christ accomplished for me, and when I did the examinations, the doctors confirmed what I believed’.”

“As an ambassador, I understood that I was indeed the representative of the Lord Jesus Christ to do the works he did. I remember a young footballer who was about to go to training and who refuted any offer to hear the Word, but then was totally transformed when I directed our conversation to II Timothy 2:5 in the Bible, which defines some characteristics of an athlete. His attitude changed immediately, and he wanted to discover even more. In the end, I helped him get born again.”

“Today I am experiencing personal spiritual growth. The faces that radiated from listening to the spoken Word was one of my motivations. I gained confidence, and I was able to understand more of the impact of the Word of God on people’s lives. I learned to open conversations in order to witness the truth, and the results were the destruction of the adversary’s works in people’s lives.”

“It may seem like our culture is trending away from God, that moving the Word is impossible at times, but this program gave us great hope and vision for the Word moving in this generation. When we believe to help people with God’s Word, He will make it happen.”

Way Ambassadors Grow!

The Ambassadors of the Way Outreach Program provides a framework for personal spiritual growth in the broader context of a team that consists of other Word-centered men, women, and young people. The framework includes quality time in the Word each day, time in prayer each day, fellowship with like-minded, believing team members on a daily basis, speaking God’s Word in the local community, and building home-based fellowships by inviting all who show an interest.

I Believed God to Witness

The highlight of my tenure was when I was at work one day and believed to witness to someone who wanted to grow with God and take the Power for Abundant Living Today class. A young man came into the store and asked for my help finding an item. After I helped him, I started to walk away but knew God wanted me to witness to him. I built up the courage to say, “Do you want to know God?” He was shocked and said, “I prayed this morning to find a place where I can worship God and grow with others who are on fire for God.” I tried to hold my excitement as I gave him all the details about fellowship and the class that we were running next week. He came to fellowship the next day and signed up for the class later that week. He has now taken the class twice and looks forward to continuing his journey with God and the fellowship as he strives to be in the Advanced Class in 2024.

The Adventure of a Lifetime with God

God has helped me grow in my understanding of God’s Word. I have especially enjoyed being a part of the Foundational Classes that we ran. Every time I took the class, it was like seeing it with fresh eyes. I have greater believing than I ever had before. I have enjoyed getting up early and starting my day off with God. Every day goes smoother that way! I am more of a blessing to all those around me, and speak the Word with more boldness! God wants everyone to know about Him! As a team, we have lived God’s love and helped each other grow through the program. This has been the adventure of a lifetime with God and this team. I’m grateful for having the time of my life in service to God. I have grown from video gaming to wanting to rescue people from darkness to God’s loving arms.

Speaking Boldly Is Now a Lifestyle for Me

God worked in me to overcome my shyness and witnessing to strangers. I used to be very shy. I would not talk to strangers. As a Way Ambassador, I saw how God worked in me (Philippians 2:13) to open up and talk to strangers when out witnessing. It took me some time and practice to get my witnessing technique to evolve. With the help of my teammates and believers from the Branch, I have grown in this area. I pray to boldly speak to people while I am out witnessing (Ephesians 6:19,20) that I may open my mouth boldly and speak the mystery of the gospel (the good news of the Mystery). Speaking boldly is now a lifestyle for me. Before, I was anxious to speak to strangers. Now I have overcome my fear. I speak to people about God and His Word easily. When I am out witnessing to people, I know God helps me know who to talk to and what to say, because He works in me. I am now comfortable speaking to strangers. As a result three people I witnessed to came to fellowship. One person, who a teammate and I witnessed to, came to fellowship and took the class. The Way Ambassador program was a successful program for me. I overcame my fear of speaking to strangers. My witnessing technique is getting better and better each day. I am growing as a Way Ambassador.


My husband and I are so thankful to God for The Way International Ministry. Three years after we took our first Advanced Class, he was zapped by lightning through the telephone during an intense thunderstorm.

One of our friends was with me studying God’s Word in our dining room, when we heard a loud scream. We ran to the family room and saw my husband standing stiffly, arms at a ninety-degree angle, holding a telephone mouthpiece in one hand. After being asked three times if he was all right with no response, he collapsed onto the floor.

My first thought was, “We tithe and abundantly share. God promises to rebuke the devourer for our sake (Malachi 3:11), so we are NOT going to accept this as the final result today. God PROMISED!”

I laid hands on him and commanded and DEMANDED in the name of Jesus Christ for him to be totally healed. Then I told him to rise up and walk (just like Jesus did). He did. We could see the red burn on and in his ear where the electricity had entered his body. It was completely healed within thirty minutes.

I went next door to use our neighbor’s telephone as the lightning had severed our telephone drop line (even the answering machine attached to it was fried!) to call our doctor. Our doctor was also an Advanced Class graduate. He said that my husband was most likely fine but to take him to the ER for confirmation.

The ER didn’t know what to do with a man walking in the door who had been struck by lightning. Two ladies who had been talking on the phone during the same storm were already there in comas. The only book in their medical library about lightning did not include a scenario of a person walking into the ER. They called the largest hospital in the area, and they didn’t know what to do either. They ran some tests, gave him two bags of saline solution, and sent him home, telling him to take it easy the next day.

I stopped at a pay phone at two o’clock in the morning and left a message informing his employer, “My husband can’t come to work tomorrow because he got zapped by lightning through the phone. God healed him, and the ER folks said he’s fine but needs to take it easy tomorrow.”

That lady said she will never forget that call. And we will always be thankful to God and to the ministry that taught us what we needed to know for this miracle to be possible.

We Have Harmony

When I got into the Word, I had just gone through a very hard divorce, and my older daughter had decided to live with her father. I grew up with divorced parents and, therefore, I carried much bitterness, anger, and a judgmental attitude. When I was taught the Word rightly divided from The Way Ministry, I learned to renew my mind to powerful truths from God’s Word, which I never heard before. In the ministry classes I learned that I am a daughter of God, born again of His spirit, and with that, I learned to give thanks well, to praise God perfectly, and how to worship Him in spirit and in truth.

As I grew in God’s Word controlling my mind, my confession and acting on the Word, I became a different person. I no longer had bitterness and anger, but thankfulness, and my attitude toward my ex-husband changed from blaming him for all the failure in our marriage to taking responsibility for my part also. And I began to build a friendship and a respectful relationship without criticism and judgment with my ex-husband. This allowed us to provide for our daughters a better situation where we were partners in raising them. One of the added victories in my life to my responding to the Word I learned was that my older daughter, when she saw my life and the person the Word had helped me to become, said to me, “Mom, you are now ready for me to live with you.”

I dedicated my life to teaching my children the Word and raising them in the household of The Way. Romans 12:2 and II Corinthians 10:5 were the promises I claimed and chose to act on, and the result has been the greatest, sweetest relationship with my daughters and my ex-husband, and we have harmony as we move through the different stages of life. My daughters love God, the Word and the ministry of The Way, and I get to see my grandchildren being raised in the Word. What a joy!

Romans 12:2:
And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

II Corinthians 10:5:
Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.

Another major victory in my life has been the comfort of knowing without a shadow of a doubt that I will see my beautiful mother at the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. My mother grew up in a very oppressing religion, but I know my mother had a heart for God and His Word. She was a woman of prayer and loved to give to others. I had the unspeakable joy to lead my mother into the new birth and hear her speak in tongues in our ministry’s Foundational Class.

I thank God daily for The Way Ministry, and I am doing my part so that the next generation has the light of the Word available to them as I stay faithful to the Word I have been taught.

Set Free with the Truth of God’s Word

I was about ten years old. I had just lost my father and I was miserable. My mother had received many sympathy cards, but one in particular troubled me. It read something like, “He is not gone, he is just away.” I thought to myself, “What a lie!” At the time I didn’t know the truth of God’s Word, but I knew that my father was GONE.

It wasn’t until I was witnessed to almost ten years later that I was set free with the truth of God’s Word. The reality that when people fall asleep, they don’t immediately go to heaven, cleared away all the fog of deception. I no longer was troubled with the thought that my father might be watching me. I believed that my father was born again, so to realize that he was asleep and awaiting the return of our lord Jesus Christ, set my heart at peace.

I was so blessed to have a clear understanding about what happens when a person who knows that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and is born again falls asleep. They have no consciousness. Their next waking moment will be the return of Jesus Christ.

The Way Ministry and the book Are the Dead Alive Now? set before people who want to know the truth regarding this subject so that they can be free in their hearts and minds about what happens when believers fall asleep.

Free to Enjoy a Life More Than Abundant

When I got witnessed to, I was wearing a T-shirt with John 8:32 printed on the front.

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

At the time, I didn’t know the magnitude of this verse until I started attending a home Bible fellowship, participating in our ministry’s classes, and applying God’s Word that I was receiving. The more of God’s Word I understood, the more John 8:32 became a reality to me. As a result, I have experienced deliverance and freedom from bondage in many categories of my life.

One particular category that I am thankful to know the truth about is the subject of death and what really happens when someone “falls asleep,” as God’s Word so gently puts it. To me, there is no greater pain than that of losing a loved one. But God, Who is the God of all comfort and Who comforts us in all our tribulation (II Corinthians 1:3 and 4), lets us know that when Jesus Christ returns, the dead in Christ shall rise first (I Thessalonians 4:16)!

Having lost a teenage sibling in the early stage of my Christian walk and recently my dearly beloved mother, knowing these truths has freed me from having a broken heart and has allowed me to stay thankful for all that God has done for me and continues to do. It is the truth of the Word that we experientially know that makes us free—free to enjoy a life more than abundant that Jesus Christ came to make available!